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I have worked demos for what used to be ABCO Brand Builders or Top Shelf Brand Builders and have never had a problem with Pam Milan as my Manager. She was always there to answer any questions I called her on and has even helped me out when the Comdata Card did not work. She even paid for my products over the phone with her own credit card when I left my wallet at home.
She has always been reasonable and very helpful so I find it hard to believe some of the over exaggerated complaints I am reading.
And I do not know why you are blaming her for your payment problems. I have been working on/off with them for 4 years and don't think that is her department.

I have had issues with Dianna Offutt in getting my pay. She is the one that owns the company and pays everyone. They say they pay weekly but I have received my pay late many times but it comes eventually. It would be fine if they just said something. I don't really have a complaint except about the pay. Dianna is never consistent with bonuses like she promises in training. Have got only $45.00 on demos that were slow and not my fault and received an ugly nasty email from Dianna in all caps saying I had better sell more. It was very demanding rude email. I have only had a conversation with her and she was rude on the phone.

Are you sure you are not blaming the wrong person? Pam has been my go to person and never had a problem. She has to do as Dianna says. I asked her about my pay once and she said told me to contact Dianna. I have heard other Reps in stores slam Dianna and ABCO but everyone likes Pam.

Jan 21, 2015

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