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While preparing for an assignment I was doing some resarch for the product. The website that the company provided had a broken link to the customers product information. So I called in and asked Pam how I could get more information.
She gave me the website information and told me that they will have all the information that I needed.

I like to be very informed.
I got the inormation from the website and did the event. They even paid me a bonus because I did so well.
Then Pam would not answer 7 phone calls and about 12 Emails. Then out of the blue she calls me up and with my wife and daughters listening. She proceeds to verbally strip me of all dignity that I had in my body. This went on for more than 1 hour.
She told me that if I went thre the online oreintation that all would be forgiven. I did then she called me and told me it was over.
Then she called me back and yelled at me again Because I sent a thank you Card to the assistant. She threatend me.

Abco Brand Builders

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      29th of May, 2012

    Pamela Milan is the worst manager I have ever encountered. I did two wine tasting to help her out with a sprained ankle. I sold a case at first tasting and about 7 bottles on Mothers day. Then I get a call from her yelling at me about my marriage and husband, even going so far as to say she should talk to him??!!

    She obviously got in big trouble from DIana the head cheese, since I had not done any orientation, or even shown my TABC license, though I served anyways.

    My husband was at the location to help me set up and take down since I could barely walk let alone stand. And this she did not like. I did not know this was not allowed since I had yet to see any company policies.

    I will never be disrespected like this by anyone!

    Now it has taken me a huge battle to get paid with my bonuses which I have paperwork proving. Which before they locked me out of the sight I copied for proof. This company doesn't have any reps in my area nor could keep any since this is how they behave. Maybe getting rid of Pa is the first step. Plus if you look around this company pays half of what all others here do.

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      13th of Oct, 2012

    This Pam Milan lady is crazy. She yelled at me over the phone today for something that wasn't even my fault. She was supposed to load money on my comdata card and she didn't resulting in me having to pay for the product. I think she my just be a lonely hag that has nothing better to do than take her misery out on other people.

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      11th of Jan, 2013

    Everyone one is correct on the Pam issue. She is a lier & can not keep her story straight. I get alone will everyone I have ever met in this line of work but with her I want to reach through the phone & shake her around. The owner isn't much better she is not a people person at all & I wonder how she has gotten any bus. with her attitude.
    The thing about the pay, I have always got my pay on time except after Thanksgiving, & now. I believe what you do to others comes back to you, so watch out Pam one day you will know what it feels like to be treated like crap & then not be paid. I have jumped hoops to make sure your demos were covered over this past Holiday season, so in turn You should pay. I have recommended to many people to work for you all, And will be sure to notify everyone how you don't take care of your people.

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