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What hypocrites you are. Jimmy Kimmel, the View cast, Joy and Whoopie expecially are allowed to speak the most vile things against President Trump and they do not get cancelled, but you cancel Roseann because she makes a joke about an old employee of Obama... is totally left sided.
ABC, all it's shows., some of which I used totatally enjoy, and its sponsors are not welcome in my home, on my TV any longer. Who made you the free speech monitor.
Roseann is a free thinking woman who happens to be talented and non compromising.
and I hope she stays that way. I'm sure an intelligent Network who is not biased and left thinking will acknowledge this and pick up this very funny show.
Good bye ABC.
Terry F.
Tampa Bay Florida.

May 30, 2018
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  • Su
      May 30, 2018

    I 100% agree with this comment. Roseann is a comedian that speaks her mind and always has. You hired her knowing this and yet you are surprised. Also she apologized. Sara Gilbert will be making her opinions known on the talk without any fallout as well as late night talk shows and CBS this morning and the news shows etc. My house will be banning the shows on ABC until further notice, it is a shame that some people can make comments like sports celebrities and singers and all is ok. But others can't. Very disappointed television watcher Susan Hapgood

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  • Be
      May 30, 2018

    I 100% agree that you knew Roseann as an actress and her history. She should have not have said what she did, however she did apologize. I don't know what happen with freedom of speech. Her show address all of the things that people complain about. She had gay, mixed couples, etc and everyone seem to appreciate that with her show.
    She is a out spoken person and we all know that. At least she said she was sorry. ABC is punishing the fans, the actors on the show, and it is not right! So I am just one person, but if you judge someone that harsh, I don't care two watch ABC anymore. That was over reacting on ABC's side. Shame on you, I'm sure you have never made a mistake or said things that you should have not said.

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