Abbey's Housekeeping Personnel, Inc. / Bad Place to Work For/ Waste of Gas and Time

1 1310 Tropic Park Dr., Sanford, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 407-268-4435

I should have listened to the reviews posted about this job before I started working, but I was just so desperate for work that I didn't listened to past (and true) experience. I did not have a problem with getting a paycheck (although after fees were deducted, I got paid a lot less than I expected. Plus, if a client wanted to add extra money to their bill as a tip, I would never see that tip). My problem was that I was constantly sent to homes that were extremely far away. The closest home that I got sent to clean was 25 minutes away and the farthest was an HOUR away. I know that Abbey's has clients that are within 10 minutes of my house (I ran into a client at the bank by my house by coincidence), but I still got sent far away. Don't bother asking if you can get clients that are closer to your home (with the price of gas being close to $4 a gallon). You will only get told that If you really want to work, you should be willing to drive whatever distance. On top of that, Housekeepers are REQUIRED to call in to the office 3 times a day to ask for work!!! I have NEVER heard of a job that requires the workers to call in 3 times a day to see if there is work. I was basically putting my life on hold and planning everything around whether I would be working that day or not. I know that it is hard to find a job now, but don't give up. Rather than waste your time at Abbey's Housekeeping, were you will be working for basically gas money, keep on applying at other jobs that run themselves more like a professional business.

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