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Aastro Transmission / Fraud and cheating

1 United States
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I brought my 2001 Yukon Denali (all wheel drive) into Aastro because sometimes I could hear a squealing in the engine. They called back and said that it was a bad pulley and that my check engine light revealed that I had a dirty mass air flow sensor. I approved the work and told them to also check my front differential oil level because it had never been checked and that occasionally on the freeway with the radio off I could hear a little hum from the front. Of course, George said that the front end was bad and needed to be rebuilt. He told me it could blow at anytime. Since it was my wife's car, I wanted the security it wouldn't 'blow up' on the freeway. I felt uneasy about the diagnosis, since the car was perfectly fine, but George is a great salesman and sold me on the security aspect of it. I picked up the car 10 days later. The next day my check engine light came on, and less than a week later the squealing was still there. A few days later my A/C blew up. Which I am sure was the problem all along. Luckily, before the warranty expired, the front differential starting leaking. I brought in and it took them days to get my car back. Yesterday, I took my Denali back again because it was leaking again and making a whining noise. (8, 000 miles had passed from the last leak repair) George and I took it for a drive and he assured me he would take care of it. I had mentioned that everytime they had it, it took a week to fix. He said 'why don't I call Enterprise and get you a rental car', I thought wow this is great service. We get back to the office and he is still re-assuring me that they are there to help with whatever I needed. While he is on the phone with enterprise he turns to me a says I can put this on a credit card. He totally mislead me into thinking that they were going to get me a car for my all my troubles. Suddenly I realize that this probably meant that they were not going to fix my car for free. George is a salesman and it was scary how fast he can switch things around on you. He asks me to leave the car there while they take a quick look at it. When I returned, George said he filled the differential and the noise didn't really go away. I had to keep asking him what the bottom line was, since he dare not say anything to upset you. The bottom line: your screwed. After showing my great disgust with the whole situation, he said he could talk to his supervisor (Mike). Today, Mike called to tell me that the warranty had expired from the initial rebuild and that there was nothing they could do. Yes, the original warranty had expired, but it had been back in since, for the same problem.

There best offer was for me to pay them for diagnosing the problem and 'go from there'. Yeah, let me give Aastro a blank check again, since your so trustworthy. Here is the diagnoses: it has the same problem as last time, now pay ME $350. When I asked for the owner, they said it was a corporation. I finally got the name Jim Marshall, who Goerge said to mail him a letter to his address and he will get it. Yeah right. All I want is what I paid for. I even offered to pay for the parts since their defense was that the parts were no longer under warranty. To sum it up: I had a squealing noise and a check engine light. I still had the squeal when I left, the check engine light came back on and now my front end is ruined. I have nothing to show for the thousands I spent except an empty wallet, lost time, and a junked Denali. Do Not Use AASTRO if you are reading this. AND ASStro if your reading this... You should have done what was right. I will do everything in my power to destroy you. O.K. maybe destroy is harsh, but you need to learn that there is more to business than just your pocket book. I will spread the word, file complaints, and file lawsuits until you remember me. I paid for the 'peace of mind' you sold me and all I got was a living hell. I will not go away.


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