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Aaron's Sales And Leasing / Corrupt billing, collections and poor service in general!

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I have been dealing with Aaron's since 2003 when I leased a big screen TV from the store in Poughkeepsie, NY. I relocated back to Georgia in 2005 and have since opened accounts in the Conyers and Stockbridge locations. Not one, not twice, but on four different occasions Aaron's has either charged my checking account twice for the same payment or debited my account with my authorization at all. I have paid almost $500 in NSF fees to my bank due to these erroneous charges and Aaron's has refused to refund any of those NSF fees. Both managers I have dealt with have been rude and have both threatened either my husband or myself on several occasions with legal proceedings, etc. In researching, I'm finding that these types of things are not isolated incidents as I have found complaints posted on numerous web sites from all over the country. What type of training program does this company offer to their managers?? Whatever it is, they need to change it quick.

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  • Ju
      11th of Jan, 2007
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    My wife and I too are having trouble with an Aarons leasing store located in Murfreesboro TN. At the end of September 2006, my wife purchased a 52 inch Tv from Aarons. She bought this TV for me for my birthday. She paid cash for the TV and thought the transaction was finished. At the very end of November of the same year a lady knocks on our door demanding pay for the TV and saying that if we do not pay that they are coming to pick up the TV on the next day. To make a long story short...we go into the store on the next day to hopefully resolve the issue and while in the store we are treated like complete crap. The manager out right calls us liars and demands that we bring his merchandise back to the store immediately. He refuses to take payment from me unless it is in cash form until later in the whole incident....Well now, they are threatening to go to the court and they say they are sure that they will get their tv back. Oh, and don't let me forget. Somehow my wife lost the receipt...but they also don't have a signature on the leasing papers. They are saying that she leased the TV and my wife is saying that she paid cash...this is going to be a very sticky situation.

    Anyone else experienced anything like this at all...any info would help a lot.

  • Me
      22nd of Feb, 2007
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    My hubby and I are having problems too with Aaron in Evet WA. I just complained to the state attorneys general office and also the BBB of wa state. They come to my door and ask for payment when I found out that it is illegal for them to do that. We have been with the store since it opened and they know my hubbys situation but since the new manager came in there, they come to our door at like 8 at night. They cannot just take your tv is your home and they cannot just come in and take it. I am also consulting an attorney and I also complained to the President of the company as well.

  • Mi
      1st of Mar, 2007
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    I have had the same experience with Aarons in St. Louis, MO I found this website trying to find their corporate office address. I need to go above the regional manager's head. I need a website so I can get somewhere.

  • Pa
      10th of Apr, 2007
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    I have been having the same problems here in Reading,Pa. The Aaron's that I go to is ridiculous. We leased a 52 inch tv with a sony dream system dvd for 95 bucks every two weeks. For the first year the people were great with us, no problem if we were late, accepted partial payments and all which was very humble of them. But the second year isn't going so great. We are charged a late payment every time we go in weather were 1 day late or 5 days late. They are constantly calling and harassing us. They sit outside of our house and watch to see if were home . I feel like I'm being invaded. Over Christmas they came and took our tv and dvd system... 2 days before Christmas... because we were 2 days late. We promised them the money the next day and they still took it... at 9pm at night. So then in order to get our stuff back we had to sign a 2 month extension contract (which would be an extra 400 we dont pay enough as it is) Recently my husband had gone in to make a payment of 100 dollars because we were 6 days late and they refused his payment. They said because he did not have 106 dollars that they wouldn't accept it. We only have 4 payments left... when in all reality it should have been payed off by now, and they want to be unfair. I'm having trouble contacting anyone above my store managers head. I f anyone has any advice I would highly appreciate it.

  • Ma
      16th of Apr, 2007
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    I would like to put in a complaint as well. My husband and I bought a dyson animal vacuum ( with the ball), I called the store to ask how much a month the payments are and for how many months.
    The woman said $90 / month for twelve months. We are paying for two vacuum cleaners!!! Especially when I called another store and they sell the same thing for about $600. The finance charges should not be $540!!! And we bought the vacuum back in October of last year, it should have been paid off by now, why are these people overcharging their customers. I want the phone # of the president of the company!!

  • Ma
      16th of Apr, 2007
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    I forgot to add that my husband and I live in a military town, we don't make alot of money, like the other customers that have complained, I don't like it when a place of business takes advantage of their customers. I feel my husband was taken advantage of, and was way overcharged for this vacuum!

  • Ma
      16th of Apr, 2007
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    And the store I forgot to mention is in Jacksonville NC.

  • Co
      21st of Apr, 2007
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    My wife and I are having the same problems that everybody else is having, but this is in San Marcos, TX. We make our payments with our bank card monthly, and they seem to take money out of my account without our consent almost every month. We have numerously called and complained to the managers in their store and they give us attitude even cursed us out. I have also numerously tried calling the GM of the company and I have never received a call, and I have called over 3 times and spoke with the GM's secretary and she constantly tells me that he will contact me, which hes never done. They call and harass us almost everyday of the month. When we sign the contract we signed up to pay on the 15th of every month, well they start calling and harassing us on the 1st of every month demanding a payment. So we tell them, "look at the contract, we are supposed to pay on the 15th of every month, NOT THE 1st", and then they say "oh yeah, your right". But then the next day and everyday after that they do it all over again. This has been so frustrating and stressful. We are to the point where we are going to have to take legal actions. I thought that taking money out of someones account without their consent is THEFT. For example: what if I was to use a friends credit card one month to make a payment then i gave my friend cash back in return, and then aarons takes out money every month out of my friends account, that has nothing to do with the product that I bought, that would be theft. Thats the same predicament that I'm in. If anyone has any advice to share please get back with me ASAP.

  • Ma
      25th of Apr, 2007
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    I totally agree, we not only bought the vacuum, but also a washer and dryer. They have done the same thing with my husband and I, changing the day the payment was due, etc.

    Not only that, they did the same thing, taking the money without our consent. They accused my husband of stealing!!

    My husband cannot get stressed, he can have a seizure, I also called our local store that same day, I was pretty mad, that when my husband called me and told me what they did, I thought he was going to end up in the hospital with a grand mal seizure due to Aarons taking the money out of our account without notifying us. When I called, they told me the GM would call me back, which they never did. It put our account into the negative, I am trying to figure out whether to call them to tell them they no longer have the right to do that. I called our bank, they told me I have to talk to them, tell them they do not have the right to do that anymore. My bank told me if it happens , after denying them access, I can change our checking code. Not sure if anyone else's bank is like that, but it is worth talking to your bank about it. Without disrupting anything that is automatically taken out.

    I have just decided to send them a money order, knowing the store is local, they stepped across the line when it involves my husband's health. They seem to think they are allowed access when you give them your checking acct #, without your authorization.

  • Jo
      1st of Jul, 2007
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    I think this is becoming the american way just look at our own people in washington dc a bunch of ###s that don't care about you or me only of themselves look at all the scandals that have gone on in the government we learn from them. Also we are a stupid people we work and work and they give our money away to the illegals what do you expect from the masses that live in a society that teaches get what ever you can any way you can and if you get caught you get out in a couple of months back to do the same thing again but better, this is life live with it. Just don't get caught thats the american way. To bad. It wasn't always this bad.

  • Cr
      10th of Jul, 2007
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    Ok i go through Aarons here in Nebraska. Anyway like a month ago my landlord illegally evicted me when i was on vacation...well anyways he said he put all my stuff out on the street thats including my desktop computer and desk i got from aarons. I'm still paying on the computer, but times are rough right now and i'm like a month and a half behind on my payments. Now they are coming to my home, calling me like 6 times a day saying they want their computer and desk back or the money I owe them. They also are saying that I have stolen merchandise and are going to file criminal charges against me. I don't know what to do they wont believe me when i tell them what happened and I just don't understand it... I had paid over 1800 dollars on it already and still owe 1500 on it. I am so scared they are going to put me in jail for this. Can they do that, does anyone know? Or are they just threating me?

  • Ti
      8th of Sep, 2007
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    All I can say about Aaron's is that I bought a 56 inch Tv on a 18 month lease. We agreed that they would just bill my Credit Card each month for the payment. I have 3 more payments yet to go and everything has been great. Thy NEVER call me about anything. I stop in the store from time to time for coffee and they couldn't be nicer to me. Of course my payments are always paid when due and the right amount ($102.00). Guess that makes a difference how you are treated.

  • Ti
      8th of Sep, 2007
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    O ya I forgot, I deal with the Holland, Michigan store.

  • Ja
      22nd of Sep, 2007
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    Aarons is horrible and should be closed down. I recently am trying to return a lawn mower because it doesn't work right, and I got a rude and threatening phone call from the asst. manager at the Flint., Michigan store. telling me that " I really don't have time for games and you need to be sure to be home today so my guys can pick up this mower by five." Like he was reporting it - not me asking for them to pick it up. Original manager was great - replacement manager should not be there! Can anyone give me the GM address or e-mail ? Thanks.

  • Ri
      28th of Sep, 2007
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    I worked at the hartwell store for a month and I got paid for my hours while i worked but i havent recieved and of my stop pay
    or the reimbursement for the shirts i ordered from the aarons store in hartwell G.A. CO813 , jo the manager promised to pay me back for the shirts and now refuses to pay for the shirts after i turned them in . The stop pay jo said he sent the stops in it should have been at least $200 dollars if not more because of returned merch. and the payments that i collected. If possible could you please contact me about the problem, also another pt that works the hasen't recieved stop pay for three months

    Thank you ,
    Richard K Burke

  • Mi
      3rd of Oct, 2007
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    i deal with the Aaron's in buffalo,ny i have no other words to say but they are rude and inconsiderate.....they seem to hire ghetto people that feel that they can talk to you anyway they want,i dont know about people inyour state but im puerto rican and we dont play those types of games,"it's not good for your health" i used to rent my things from a store in Riverside and recently tranferred to the store on grant street which is closer to my home,in the riverside location because i am a "preferred customer" so they say and they agreed to come and pick up their payments no charge!!!! thats was very corteous of them in the Riverside location which is farther from my house mind that im at a location close to my home they want to charge me $10.00 to come pick up the payments....does this make any sense to you? i called the GM and he was just as ignorant as the ghetto boyz in the store.....i dont know where to go with this? all i know is that Aaron's workers words are as good as the poop on the bottom of my shoes,lol.. but never the less i would really like some input on this...thanx

  • An
      9th of Oct, 2007
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    Turlock, ca here, same cr*p as above we owe 185 dollars ,and for 3 months have not been told what we owe till today, over the last week we have been called thieves, and worse, the last straw was this morning, we got a door bell being wrung at 4;55 am , yes u heard right in the morning, lucky we didn't blow his head off ,hid behind door and would not answer us, I have kids that need sleep for school, he would not leave the police came and told him it was a civil matter, funny thing is we made arrangements on Saturday to pay it today, and he was there for his payment it was ugly agree there ###s working there swear I paid the thing off three months ago, have never seen a statement showing what I've payed hope they get shut down.

  • Ju
      22nd of Oct, 2007
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    These people are horrible. For everyone who has a complaint, please go to your attorney general's website and go to this site called this lists the rights of consumers who rent to own. I found out about the Texas law Subchapter. Maybe it'll give you some info for other states... Also please read your lease agreements. They are making the same threats to me...

  • Ca
      15th of Nov, 2007
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    Hi I am from Oshawa Ontario Canada and let me tell you that Aaron's does not have a good reputation here with your northern friends. Last year I purchased a tv, xbox system and a Dryer. Well I paid through my bank account every month on time I might add, but when Aaron's received the money they only applied it on one account the xbox... to make a long story short they continually harassed me and one of the sales rep who is the new manager who had a mob mentality kicked open my front door one day my husband and children were at home but my husband was in the shower it scared the children, so I talked to the owner who called me a liar!!! Anyways the deal they made with me give back everything or pay an extra $600 in late fee penalties.

    So told them to kiss my ### and would never do business with this company ever again.

  • R
      19th of Nov, 2007
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    I was with Aarons for close to a year.
    I left due to all the problems we did not see eye to eye on.

    Yes, I will admit that Aarons is not a nice place.
    We deal with deadbeats and such constantly.

    To you who chose not to read the lease agreement--
    Welcome to the world of sub-prime lending.
    If you had better credit, you wouldn't need to hit up Aarons.
    Or, if you had patience, you could save up the cash and then go to a nice store and get what you want.
    However, you are too short-sighted and you get hit with charges and fees.

    As to the people who complain about Aarons wanting their money, uh, you signed the lease.
    You agreed to pay on the first or fifteenth of every month.
    If for some reason you cannot make the payment, you are to alert Aarons as soon as you know.
    It is up to Aarons to either work with you or not.
    If they choose not to work with you, they have the right to get their merchandise.
    They do not have the right to break down your door in all states.
    In my state, we had to play by the rules.
    Also, if you read your lease agreement, you will notice that Aarons has Lifetime Reinstatement.
    What that means, is, if for any reason, you lose or give up the merchandise, Aarons will resign the lease agreement with the remaining number of payments with merchandise that is the same or of comparable value.
    No other Rent-to-Own company does this, or doesnt as far as I know.

    As to you people who wish to complain to Charlie Loudermilk III, well, have fun.
    He was raised in this business.
    He understands that deadbeats and such will complain.
    He also knows that people will lie in order to save some cash.
    Who do you think he is going to believe?
    If you disagree with Aarons, go to RAC, or Colortyme, or any of the million other RTO companies out there.

    I am glad that my old co-workers are out there taking your money and laughing at your excuses.
    I use to get a kick out of deadbeats getting mad at me and telling me they were going to call the cops for harassment.
    I would hand them my phone so they could call.
    Newsflash---its Aarons merchandise until you pay for it in full.
    One payment does not make it yours.
    All payments but one does not make it yours.
    What makes it yours is paying out the full amount.

    BTW---for anyone smart enough to understand, you cannot pre-pay an Aarons account.
    If your monthly payment is 100 and you owe 500, you cannot pay 400 and just have one monthly payment left.
    If you dropped the 400, you would still have 200 left to pay.
    Just some free information.

    I love reading these things.
    You people make my day.

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