Aarons Rental Companyservice

L Nov 17, 2017

They deducted my payment from my bank account WITHOUT consent, authorization, etc.
I called immediately. I was told by some kid, he reversed the charge and credited my account back. LIE number one.
I contacted the store manager. It was credited back to my account. LIE number two.
I filed two complaints with customer service. Nothing done.
I contacted the Regional Manager (Anthony). He stated, it was credited back to my account. LIE number three.

I finally went into the store. I asked for my money in CASH and to pick up the television. They snubbed me.

Contacted the Regional Manager (Anthony again). I will be "called back."
LIE number four.

I contacted customer service again and filed a complaint. Now that I have paid for the television for a month, when you pick it up in a month, it will be totally demolished.

The rep stated, this will be my responsibility.


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