Aarons Rent To Own / Bedroom Set / scheduled pick up (return product

9th Ave, N. 58th ST. TYRONE GARDEN, StPetersburg, FL, United States
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Phone: 7273471942

Feb 20, 2013 I talked to a representative who was inquiring about a payment on the used bedroom set I had rented, after struggling for a year I decided with my health condition I can't do this for another year so I ask to schedule a pick up date, I was told he would have someone call me. a couple of days later I was call I explain I could not have a payment before the first week in April. I was asked to come in so we can discuss a way to work with me. I stuck with my true story. the person consulted wit the manager and said they can't do a two month extension. They made me drive there knowing my case, this cost me unnecessary gas usage at $4 a gallon. I was given a date and time 02/26/13 at 2 til 230pm with a 30 mins call before. On that date I waited until 445pm after calling over 3 times.I called and told them they need to reschedule.We agreed on Monday 03/04/13
I ask what time she refused to give me a time. I suggested the same time as before, she said it will be between 4pm and 7pm, I
told her not so nice that no one.will be coming in my place after 500pm why can't she schedule like before and ask was she the manager who wasn't willing to work with me and told her she just don't want to work with me now.

Feb 27, 2013

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