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I ordered the Super Slocket II socket 370-to-slot 1 converter. The site claimed FC-PGA compatibility. What I received was a generic slocket that most certainly was not FC-PGA compatible. RMA'ing and returning it would have cost more than buying one from another retailer.


If you look at my other reviews, you'll see that the recurring theme is low-price internet retailers frequently perform the ol' bait and switch. (The review referred to involved a retailer advertising a modem with a certain chipset, then sending me one with a different chipset. When I check compatibility and receive a product other than the one advertised, is that my fault?)

The fact remains that I ordered what was advertised as the "Super Slocket II" (even billed as the "Super Slocket III" in the title, see and received a generic socket 370-to-slot 1 converter card. It was not an issue with the motherboard. For those of you who don't know what a slocket is, it is a converter that, with the right 440BX motherboard, allows you to install a socket 370 CPU (up to 533MHz PPGA, 1.1GHz FC-PGA, or 1.4GHz FC-PGA2 depending on the slocket) in a board that was made to take a Slot 1 SECC Pentium II/III. I have done this with half a dozen boards now, including a 1.1GHz Celeron in the one in question--once I bought a branded Super Slocket from another retailer.

Apparently not everyone's experience is similar to my own, and as another user said, it is indeed refreshing that takes the time to reply to reviews, even consulting the order history and checking a poster's other reviews. However, replies should NOT include ad hominem attacks; let the facts do the talking.


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