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aadvantagesafeandlock / over charged

1 Katy, TX, United States
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I pulled the kitchen door close, for go grocery shop, without realizing my keys where inside.

when i made it back home i found i just lock myself out of the i search for a service on line with my cell phone and took note of 2 numbers for the services, both of them claiming been locksmith partners or associated...or any way related somehow.

The first one i called told me their cost start at 90$, that was 45$ for the call service and 45 $ for the cheaper ones kind of locks.

The second one ( the one i end using) has coupons on-line, they say that their cost where from 75$ for the easier one to 125$ for the harder ones. So just making sure i understood correctly i ask them the most i would spend was 125$, and they affirm that, so i let them know on the phone i got their coupons 30% off for the call service, and they say they will apply it...and that i didn't need to have it print as it say in the web page. Anyway i went ahead an printed it on my builder's office to be in the safe side for getting the best price on the service.

I called them around 20 to 5pm, I got a call back like 20 minutes late from the service guy asking me for directions... and he was kind of rude to start with because he was insisting if i knew that address were right and he insisted in that like in 3 different calls even when he was still follow good the directions and finding all as i say...I explain him i was interesting in him make it home i was out of my house, pregnant, with a 2 years old boy and with groceries.

He got home around 6pm. In a blue HUB with another young lady. He literally running..saying he has to be gone immediately. he saw the lock and told me that will be 125$ because the lock wasn't installed properly for he to open it and he has to drill it (he asked me who installed (Its a brand new house from David Weekley). I told him that i got the info over the phone and that was a cheap kind of lock and ask him if he would considered look the other locks to see with one would be the best to be open and he says no, that that one was the cheaper one and he needed to do it right away cuz he need to leave, and he had to drill it and put a new lock, i told him i had this 30% discount he said he will consider it.

He told me i owned 270$ that just for make the call there were a 75$ charge, i asked if he has take the discount he said yes and also told him i was not aware of that cuz i ask twice and it was not what i was informed he said that was the weekend rate and he needed to go, then after taking note of my cc number (including the back code number), i didn't have that amount of dollars with me in cash as he first ask me for, since i was under the believe that wasn't going to be more than 125$, so i ask for paying with a credit card so he charge me 290$ because taxes according to him, I asked him if that was applying the discount he said yes. and hand me the note and left still running. the receipt doesn't have any information of the company other than he hand write locksmith (he was wearing a clack shirt that stated locksmith) the blue hub he drove didn't has any company identification.

The lock he put in my door, i do not believe was new... he gave me just ONE key, and that key has already lose color all over, I also asked him if was a new lock he said yes, and i express my concern but he was just in a hurry and always act like he didn't have time to be disgusting anything with me even make expression with his eyes like i was just too much in questions.

Since i didn't felt right all the situation i called again to the company under the believe that a serious business would solve that with me over the phone, even the extra charge. And for my surprise, they put me in hold after i identify myself and in 17 minutes never made it back to the phone (I called from my home phone that time), so i called again and this time they didn't answer me... there is a 24x7 service, but they never pick up on me again, and i tried several times, and i got and answer machine that state there was Adrian and Adriana, to leave a message... I went to the web-page and found NO a single physical address but several phone numbers for different locations.. no luck in any. And same answer machine in one of them.The guy that gave me the service was running out of batery in his cell phone while he was at my house.

I wrote a complain in their website (no public complain place, just an internal email thing) I left my number and email. So i google complain home lock out and found out this article about people that has pass for the same situation that find their self lock out of their homes or cars, get a price over the phone and them get charge a larger amount on site. This companies that said having different locations but is just phone numbers that go to a central phone and re-direct the call to the same place... there were a BBB call for this claims etc. In this moment i start worry worse, since they took note even of the back code on my cc, so was when i proceed to cancel my card.


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