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I recieved an e-mail from a John Doherty with e-mail address [protected] His scam was simple. he was a tour consultant with offices in china and finland but needs me to recieve 4500 US dollars in travellers cheques(AAA Visa in 9 bills of $500 ea.) I was to cash them at my bank, take 10% for my trouble and western union the rest to a marcus richard in china. I recieved the cheques, but believe me they a fakes and would have gotten me in trouble if i wasn't suspicious to begin with. Many have been decieved by this scam. Cashed the cheques and when it was discovered that the cheques are fake, the victim is required to pay the money back to the bank. The scammer has then gotten away with $4000 or more. My bank has confirmed that the cheques are indeed fake. Please spread the word. I want to shut this guydown for good. Thank you.

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  •   Jan 18, 2007
    Aaa Visa - Free for all daylight robbery
    United States

    I have been a AAA visa customer for many years and a very good one, always paying my bill, in full, on time. When my bill was coming up due last month, I scheduled an early payment, to avoid any chance of lateness with the holidays approaching.

    The Bank of America online payment calendar that I thought I was setting BACK from the due date of 1/1/07 to 12/27/2006, in fact went FORWARD to 12/27/2007. I didn't notice this calendar error until, wondering why my payment still hadn't been debited by 1/1/2007, I went back to my account online and realized what had happened. To cut a long story short, despite two appeals to customer service that I should not be penalized for this, I was charged almost $30 in finance and late fees. What a disappointing show of disrespect to an honest customer, making the "customer satisfaction" line you get on their phone sound meaningless. Basically it appears that this company too is joining in the free for all daylight robbery that credit card companies seem presently to be reveling in. Because of this incident I closed this account. We bother being good customers but get treated badly anyway.

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