Aaa Mt. Pleasant, SC / Sold the wrong battery and did not back it up

1 Mt Pleasant SC, United States

Had a dead battery in my SUV. They drove out and replaced it. Within a year, it was dead again. I went to my regular mechanic thinking I had a bad alternator or electrical drain. They checked it and found that the battery provided by AAA was too small and did not meet the car manufacturer's spec. As I needed the car back, I had them put the spec battery in the car. I immediately called AAA and while not very helpful, they mailed me a claim reimbursement form a month later. After another month, I received a form letter denying my claim because I had the battery replaced by someone else. A couple months later, when we did not renew membership, we get a call asking why. When we explain the situation, they say they'll try to help. The garage that contracts for AAA, asked if we had the old battery. When he found out that my mechanic disposed of the AAA battery after a couple months, he said they could not do anything. Do yourself a favour, buy a set of jumper cables, get roadside assistance from your insurance company for less money and NEVER let AAA touch your car as they will not back up their service or products.

Feb 5, 2015

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