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My 97 year old mother purchased a hospital plan fro AAA Life Insurance Company and passed away April 1st 2016. I contacted AAA to cancel the policy and stop the auto-deduct from her checking account and request a refund of premiums after February, 2016. I sent them all documentation including a copy of my POA and a copy of her death certificate May 12, 2016. I sent the May 12th letter to them with all documentation, a follow-up letter June 23rd and now a July 18th letter. AAA has been completely unresponsive and continues to make auto-deducts from her account. I was forced to put a stop on further withdrawals at the bank. Perhaps the 3rd letter sent to them will receive a response. VERY DIFFICULT COMPANY...POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Jul 19, 2016
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  •   Jul 19, 2016

    Your POA is invalid as it automatically expired upon the death of the person who issued it. All creditors and person's who are owed money must now converse with the executor of the estate. If that is not you, then legally, no one can even speak to you, not even the bank. You need to find out who the executor is and defer all tasks to them, or file with probate court to be made executor by a judge.

    I am confused as to how the bank even spoke to you after the death unless you were on the account. Legally, they can not.

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      Jul 19, 2016

    Power of attorney is only valid while a person is living. When your mother died the poa ended. The insurance company will not respond to you. You need to open probate and be appointed administrator of her estate. Unless your name is on the bank account as a joint owner the bank will not help you.

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      Jul 21, 2016

    In deference to your July 19th comments, I immediately forwarded a certified copy of my mother's death certificate to AAA Life Insurance Company requesting that her account be closed. The documentation should have been sufficient verification to close the account and discontinue auto-deduct monthly premiums. If AAA Life Insurance Company would have contacted me, I would have advised them that I am the Trustee of my mother's estate. As you should know, Trusts do not process through probate only Wills requires probate. Life Insurance is usually outside of both Wills and Trusts. However, mother did not have a Life Insurance policy with AAA, rather a Hospital policy without postmortem benefits. I'm not requesting any sort of benefit, merely to close the account and return premium overpayments. Further, I am Joint Owner of my mother's bank account and I have blocked AAA from further auto-deduct premium withdrawals. I assumed that an ethical company would respond to three (3) letters, perhaps requesting additional information. I forwarded three (3) letters to AAA Life Insurance Company validating my mother's death and requesting to close her account and return premium overpayments. At minimum, AAA should have responded by requesting verification I was Executor/Trustee of her estate, etc. It appears that this tactic is a way to delay, obfuscate and misdirect instead of dealing with valid customer communications. Gentlemen, I would simply like to close my mother's account and request that AAA Life Insurance Company return premium overpayments. If AAA needs additional information from me, then let me know what is required. Is that too much to ask?

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      Jul 29, 2016

    As a follow-up to my comments made 21 July, 2016, I would like to update the status of communications with AAA Life Insurance Company concerning a Hospital Plan policy for my mother. AAA Life Insurance Company sent a letter advising that my mother's Hospital Plan policy has been closed and a check was enclosed for the premium overpayments. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of a long time customer.

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