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We lost our dad on 10 / 7 / 08, our mother filed a claim. Our mother passed on 10 / 30 / 08 one day before before the check arrived for our dad. Aaa stopped payment on the check. I told them we needed that money to bury our mother, and that i will sue them if we have to keep our mother out until they re - issue a check to the estate. So the manager who it took, several phone call to speak to. Told me that as soon as i could get my sibling to file for her benefits they would send the check. The check they sent was for her policy which we received on 11 / 07 / 08. She told me my father check would have to got to probate. Because my mother passed away, my sister and myself was given power of attorney over her affairs. I called the bank and told them she passed and if i could just sign the check with my and poa and deposit it they said yes. My parent filed bankruptcy and owed no one, did not own a home car paid off which i told them. So now we have to to go through probate and hire a attorney for nothing.

This does not make sense to me. So i ask why pay off for the person who was a rider on a policy and send the money for the policy holder to probate? If my mother would have passed away a week later then they would not have had to pay us for her policy. They refuse to give me the name of the manager boss or if they had a complaint department.

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  • Ro
      Feb 06, 2009
    AAA - Broken funiture
    2999 Pacific Drive suite A Norcross , GA
    New York
    New York
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    When I was quoted for my move they said they assured me that if my belongings were insured for damages, . Insurance was covered under the fee charged for moving. I received my dinning room broken and pieces missing. After several e-mail and phone calls to make an insurance claim to cover the damages, they did nothing . Instead avoided phone calls and no response to repayment of furniture they broke and scratched.

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  • As
      Sep 26, 2011

    I've been receiving a lot of communications from AAA and was considering this offer. But having read this complaint I opted not to get it. Thank you for this information. A lot of time I base my decision on comments, complaints such as these. You're site is valuable to consumers like me that needs to be more informed when making lifelong decisions.

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  • Bi
      Jan 06, 2012

    I have receiving communication from AAA to apply for life insurance which I do not know if it's the best, good, bad or worst. Please advise, thanks

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  • Jo
      Feb 15, 2012

    We are currently going through the same baloney with AAA.
    They have stonwalled us on an annuity we've been trying to collect on from my wifes father.
    They keep coming up with different reasons they haven't wired the money to our bank.
    Today I call the Attorneys General in Michigan to file a complaint.
    I've/we've had it.
    I would never do business with this company.

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  • Mr
      Feb 15, 2012

    I applied for a term policy with Mr. J. Tomlinson of AAA Life Insurance Co. a few months ago. I agreed to an in-home exam which took place several days later. A few weeks lated I received the results of the exam but no word on whether or not I had been approved. I waited several more weeks, and today I e-mailed Mr. Tomlinson with my request for information. I received a curt note back saying I had been denied and should have received notice of this fact. I found it almost comical when comparing his friendly attitude during the telephone call where my info was given to him and the dismissive nature of his reply to my request. I would not brand the entire company based on the unprofessional actions of just one representative...but I do suggest using caution.

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  • Cu
      Mar 28, 2012

    I received the offer of term life insurance from AAA recently and glanced over the form out of curiosity. " NO MEDICAL EXAM", which means if you stretch the truth in any way when filling out the form they will not pay, or it will be greatly reduced. For example, "Nicotine User"--what is their definition of this? They gave no explanation. Snuff? Chew? Occasional cigar? Nicotine patch? Smoked for one year 40 years ago? OK, you will pay roughly 2 1/2 times as much. And then a "by the way": Rates go up every 5 years.

    Then there is the fact that AAA takes a cut out of your payment, so it is likely you can get better coverage for less money elsewhere.

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  • In
      Jun 03, 2012

    There's an 800 number (included in the mailing) you can call if you don't understand the definitions or if you have any other questions. AAA Life's rate is extremely competitive. I doubt you'll find a better price for a "no medical exam" policy. Compare it to AARP's product from New York Life, for example.

    If you're willing to undergo more underwriting, AAA Life has term policies with level premiums for up to 30 years, whole life and universal life policies. All of these products are very competitive.

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  • Ka
      Jan 07, 2013

    My dad passed away 2 years ago. My mother is still disagreement with AAA. they will not pay out. Tomorrow is her court date and they offered half of what she is owed. they just do not want to give up the money. Very rude disrespectful and take advantage of people at their weakest points.

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  • Ac
      Jan 07, 2013
    Accidental Life Insurance - Life Insurance
    PO Box 2066
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    My mother had $16.50 taken out of her checking account each month for Accidental Life Insurance Policy #[protected]
    She died 12/13/12 from a fall and her death certificate shows accidental death
    I received the forms from this company claim #[protected] I filled them out and mailed them back on 12/27/12
    I called today 1/7/13 I was told they never received the forms back, there is no beneficiary shown so any check issued would be
    issued to Virginia Lynch (she is the deceased) and I wouldnt be able to cash it
    I am an only child my mother was divorced and she lived with me and my husband, I went through all her mail wth her so if there
    would have been a form to fill out for beneficiary I would have seen it and we would have filled it out and sent it back
    This is a scam, I have been reading on "Bing" where alot of people are having their banks taking out a payment to NUF AD Ins and
    they never authorized it, they thought they were receiving the free $1000.00 policy the bank gave them and they purchased
    an additional amount of insurance for a small amount.
    The problem is you can't collect when someone does pass away accidentally, why would a check be issued to a deceased person
    that they know can't be cashed

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  • Ni
      Jan 23, 2013
    Best Best Advice

    Well I was going to get AAA...thank God for the internet!!! I will NEVER get AAA Life Insurance and I will warn others.

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  • Jo
      Jan 29, 2013

    AAA life insurance is a way to bilk older Americans out of their money and give false hope to needy families. they will deny your claim for any reason they can find and their lawyers know how to delay and deny claims and an attorney will not sue without a retainer. DO NOT BUY AAA LIFE INSURANCE THEY WILL NOT PAY WITH OUT A LAW SUIT!!! I know first hand. joem.[protected] feel free to contact my email for any questions I DO NOT SELL INSURANCE I AM A WIDOWER WHO DIDNT GET PAID AND I AM LOOKING FOR OTHERS WHO HAVE BEEN DENIED FOR ANY REASON

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  • Di
      Apr 13, 2013

    It has always been said, "If it's so good... then everybody would want it or already have it." Come on folks... are we that gullable?

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  • El
      Jan 15, 2015

    I agree and AAA and New York Life are both like this and sadly enough there are widowers that didn't have the appropriate money to bury their loved one and to go into further debt to do so.

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  • Ha
      Apr 10, 2015

    To first complaint: You can't have power of attorney for a deceased person. Their will then becomes the controlling factor. And if your mother was like most people, she probably didn't have a will and her estate, including the life insurance proceeds, were subject to probate. As for the other comments here, people put themselves in these positions by not dealing with a company or an agent who specializes in life insurance. Sorry, life insurance isn't a welfare program, companies may not pay claims where there has been omission, deception, or when it is a graded policy. But if you insist on buying through the internet or from your car insurance company, this is where you can wind up.

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  • Le
      Nov 29, 2015

    I signed up for a level term policy and ended up with an annual renewable term policy that goes up every 5 years. They have a clever way of disguising it in the policy. I didn't notice for 2 years until we got a letter in the mail saying the rate was going up. Be careful, they will try to screw you. My husband is 51 and by the time he is 55 the insurance will be unaffordable. Make sure you don't get Annual Renewable Term!!!

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  • Ud
      Mar 29, 2016

    I received a mail today from AAA requesting to fill up a form for direct term insurance, rates offered are too attractive to believe, $31 per month for a policy of $300k. Just when I was about to complete the form, I thought of checking reviews on internet. Strange thing was mixed reviews, in the range of 3.5/5, made me think, this isn't bad, but then I thought of spending some more time. Here is why the rating is in mid range. All 4-5* ratings talks about competitive rates, amazing customer care and prompt responses on queries for you payment. While all 1* reviews wee written by people, who tried to claim the policy and guess what, none of the reported users got their money. Based upon the reviews, I believe they are not going to pay unless you file a lawsuit, and if you manage to do so, they will then negotiate. As a healthy young man in his mid 30s, I would have a decent policy which will require health checks upfront so that there are no excuses and my family gets some money, even though it is lesser amount and on higher premiums. But at least they will not be cheated and left without a penny, in their difficult times.

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  • Mu
      Apr 14, 2016

    They have been bombarding me with the same offer, and others since I signed up for their auto service. I almost bit on this one since I have been thinking about getting some term life but after reading all of these comments, I will go elsewhere. They seem to subscribe to the Verizon school of customer service-real welcoming until it comes time for them to give you service. They forget that there are easily accessible places for customers to vent their frustrations (like this one) and I am sure it has cost them more than one customer. So glad I bothered to check.

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  • Li
      May 21, 2016

    Similar to others, I was just about to complete my enrollment form until I read these comments. Everything seems fine with customer service when you're paying your premiums. But as soon as you or a loved one passes and you file a claim their response changes drastically. I am so grateful I didn't fall for this scam! I'm looking elsewhere!

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  • Co
      Jul 19, 2016

    I've also had problems with AAA Life Insurance Company

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  • Ro
      Aug 21, 2016

    AAA life Insurance is Scam.
    Read below someone complain. I agree with this wording.
    Everything seems fine with customer service when you're paying your premiums. But as soon as you or a loved one passes and you file a claim their response changes drastically. I am so grateful I didn't fall for this scam! I'm looking elsewhere!

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  • Se
      Aug 28, 2016

    I am so glad I read these comments. The info pack I got in the mail (unsolicited) sounded very good. What I don't understand, why did people have problems collecting after the death of the insured? Wouldn't it automatically pay the beneficiary?There are too many negative comments for me to even consider this policy. Shame on them for tricking seniors such a myself.

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  • Ka
      Jan 29, 2017

    This Company is AWFUL, doesn't act on "good faith" and are not compassionate as they "quote" to be in unforseen, uncontrollable situations.
    I filed a claim for my mother's life insurance after her death and AAA sent me a denial letter. My mother missed 1 payment after her grace period. However when I called to file the claim, one of their representatives stated that she had a 60 day grace period, they can pull the phone call records as proof. However in the denial letter, they stated that her grace period ended on October 4th. They claim that they never received any other payment but my mother had automatic payment for AAA insurance, so I don't know how they did not get a payment. I explained to them that my mother fell ill "suddenly" and went to the hospital to the emergency room in an ambulance early October around the 9th. She has been sick and unable to care for herself since the beginning of October before finally being rushed to the hospital. She was found on the floor by a family member. When I explained this to AAA, their rep. told me she should have handled her life insurance like she handled all her other affairs and bills. I informed him that she was unable to do that or anything else for that matter, she was incapacitated. AAA stated in the denial letter that a lapse letter was "generated' on September 30th, it did not say that it was "sent". And if it was sent, I don't know for sure when it went out of their office or if my mother even received it at her home before she was rushed to the hospital. At the hospital she discovered she had terminal stage 4 colon cancer and heart failure, so she would not have been able to handle her affairs anyway. I explained to them that my mother was totally incapacitated and she NEVER RETURNED home after being rushed to the hospital. AAA is refusing to pay out after all of the money my mother has put into being a valued customer of theirs. She held many policies of which they profited from her greatly. She had automobile, renters, AAA visa, accidental life and I think it is a disgrace that they will not honor the life insurance policy for 1 mi ssed payment and all due to a rapid decline in her health and being unable to handle any of her affairs. I do not believe the information from AAA is valid and believe their account of a notice being sent is false. I am not convinced that they did not receive payment since it was an automatic bank draft my mother had set up. Any help you can provide would greatly be appreciated so that I can collect the life insurance on behalf of my mom that she had in place so that her financial obligations could be secured after her death. AAA in my opinion did not act in "good faith", showing no compassion and penalizing a customer that trusted them to handle her insurance needs for years, since 2014 or longer. She was shown no consideration when  becoming deathly ill and abandoning her at the time she needed them to come through the most by honoring her policy, at the least. Horrible company ethics !  I will be seeking legal assistance if this is not resolved. I will seek additional damages for the stress they have caused me while dealing with the grief and loss of my mother and interest amount from the delay.

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  • Be
      Aug 19, 2019

    Has it not gotten bad enough for your congressman/woman to step in. I was about to send in for my third year of this AAA accidental life, but now that I have absorbed all of this FROM ALL OF YOU..., me thinks NOT! FOR GOODNESS SAKE, THEIR SITE WONT'T OPEN UP.

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