Aaa Insurance CompanyNegligence

35 days ago, a young lady in an SUV smashed into, over my fence on our front lawn. AAA insurance (her insurance company) assured me it would be 'fixed'/replaced quickly. The police had come and made their report. This was reported to AAA that very day, by the policy holder. All calls have been initiated by my husband and myself. There is no question as to the fact that AAA is responsible. I have two five pound toy terriers who use this lawn/when fenced and safe, and since I am on 24/7 oxygen, it is difficult for me to watch them to assure thier safety. I call and call the company, and they assure me it will be taken care of, quickly. Nothing has been done. My 6' fence lies on my lawn, in a lawn filled with glass pieces and glass shards from the wreck. On Monday, I called the main office to ask when this would be taken care of. I was guaranteed a call in the next morning that would take care of all this, and would explain what was being done. No call came. Fence is smashed on the lawn, glass shards all over, sprinkler heads are ruined. This is not acceptable.


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