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THE COMPANY IS NO LONGER AAA COMMERCIAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, IT IS NOW LION RUSH FACILITIES MANAGEMENT GROUP 09/04/2015: Work was completed for this company and signed work order and invoice sent to company. 2 weeks passed and no word on payment, I told Toni over the phone we normally collect payment upon completion (especially when we do business with a new company) and Toni said the payment would be received within the first 2 weeks after completion. 09/16/2015 Toni said the check would be cut and sent out that week and I should receive it within a few days. 09/28/2015 called Toni to see if payment was sent out, she again said it was sent out on the 16th and I should have it any day. 10/01/2015: 30 days from invoice sent, no word or payment received from this company. Called back to speak with Toni and she said the payment was sent, I asked to verify the mailing address and she had the incorrect address on file. (all our invoices have the mailing address on the top) I have no idea where the payment was sent but she said she would cancel that check and have a new one issued that week. 10/16/2015 no payment received, called to speak with Toni and was told it should arrive by Monday. No payment received 10/19/2015 so called again and was told she was out for the day and would be in the next day. Called 10/20/2015 and she was again out. 10/26/2015 Called and spoke with Nicole, she was friendly and took down my information because Toni was unavailable and would have her return my call. 10/29/2015 no returned call or payment received, called to speak to Toni or Nicole and Toni was no longer with the company. I was transferred to speak to Robert in accounting and he told me he would have a check issued, he said he did not know why I had not received the check sent out at the beginning of the month but he would take care of it and make sure it was sent out this week. 11/09/2015: Called and asked to talk to Robert, he was not available and I was transferred to Nicole. She told me she would take my information and have Robert give me a call back. 11/ 13/2015 No call or payment received so I called to speak with Robert and he was unavailable. Nicole said to call back later that day, I called back and he was already gone for the day. 11/16/2015 Spoke to Robert and he said he did not know what happened to the other check or why it did not arrive and he would issue a new check and it should arrive in a few days. 11/30/2015 Called and spoke to Nicole because Robert was unavailable, she told me payment was sent out and it may have taken a while due to the holidays. 12/01/2015: Called and spoke to Nicole, I was upset and told them we needed payment promptly and that they needed to handle the issue now. She told me the check was cut and mailed and could take up to 2 weeks to arrive from New York. (I do not agree, we do business with clients from New York and they pay with 5-7 days) 12/28/2015 I called for an update and Robert said he would have the previous check canceled and would send an overnight check in the mail. He promised I would have payment before 12/31/2015. I told him I did not want to wait for a check and would prefer he paid over the phone with the company card. Robert said that is not an option and said the check would be mailed that night and I would have tracking information before the end of day. 12/29/2015 Called and was transferred to Nicole as Robert was unavailable, she told me she would get in touch with him and ask about the tracking. I asked her to verify payment went out and she said she could not verify, but she assumed it went out because he should have mailed it. She again took my information (Why they did not have it already since it was given probably 10x by now is beyond me) and told me Robert would send me tracking information in a few hours and give me a call to verify that it was sent out. 12/30/2015 No return phone call or tracking, so called back and was told he was out of the office for today and would be back for sure tomorrow. 12/31/2015 Called 10 am CT and he was not in office yet. Spoke to Nicole who called him on his cell and he said the check would be sent out tonight and arrive by Monday 01/04/2015. I was upset. I was told Monday it would be sent out with tracking information and now it is being sent out Today 12/31/2015. I finally did some much needed research and found out the company is brand new, they have only been in business for 3-4 months and have multiple complaints about them involving the same issues with payments being evaded. I found the following information, and will continue to attempt to collect payment every day until it is received and paid. (I found out some of the checks mailed came back as NSF) Below is the people I have talked to trying to receive payment or read from other complaints they are who needs to be contacted to received payment. Nicole - AP person who I takes messages for Robert Long Robert Long - AP "Manager" - [protected] cell: [protected] Peter Sloboda - Gathered his info online cell: [protected] I cannot believe a company is able to operate this way, but this is the first and last time we will do business with this company.

Dec 31, 2015
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  • Ro
      Feb 29, 2016

    These clowns have ripped me off to the tune of over $5000.00!!! I did a water restoration for these clowns and have not been paid for over a year!!!

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