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Aaa Battery Service / Crooks

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These guys are crooks!!! Never and i mean never do business with them! May 31, 2006 i called aaa because my car would not start in san francisco. They dispatched an african american male driver to my location. He sold me a battery on the spot and i was on my way. December 2008 the battery stopped working. I called aaa again they came out and said that the battery in my car was an ac delco battery and they only sell aaa batteries. I had been scammed!!! The b**tard sold me a used battery from elsewhere. I've been going back and forth with aaa and auto guardian and they told me there's nothing they can or will do about it, plus the guy no longer works for the company. And on top of that jeff, the a**hole supervisor from auto guardian, told me that keith the driver was also working for ac delco at that time and that it was a strong possibility that something like that could have happened. I am super pissed! Aaa and auto guardian are a bunch of crooks and i will never do business with them again.

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  • Ms
      4th of Jan, 2009
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    AAA Battery Service - Battery Service
    AAA Roadside Service
    San Francisco
    United States

    THESE GUYS ARE CROOKS!!! Never and I mean NEVER do business with them! May 31, 2006 I called AAA because my car would not start in San Francisco. They dispatched an African American male driver to my location. He sold me a battery on the spot and I was on my way. December 2008 the battery stopped working. I called AAA again they came out and said that the battery in my car was an AC Delco battery and they only sell AAA batteries. I HAD BEEN SCAMMED!!! The b**tard sold me a used battery from elsewhere. I've been going back and forth with AAA and Auto Guardian and they told me there's nothing they can or will do about it, plus the guy no longer works for the company. And on top of that Jeff, the a**hole supervisor from Auto Guardian, told me that Keith the driver was also working for AC Delco at that time and that it was a strong possibility that something like that could have happened. I am super pissed! AAA and Auto Guardian are a bunch of crooks and I will never do business with them again.

  • Ch
      6th of Aug, 2009
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    Actually AAA didn't receive any profit from that transaction if it wasn't their battery, and in actuality AAA was just as scammed out of their money as you were.

  • Mi
      30th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    not to stick up for them, but who is to sya the batery didnt get switched out by someone else. I see it all the time. guys take their car to a collision shop or garage and somebody steals/swaps the battery. Can you sya for sure that that couldn't have happened... again, I see it happen all the time. And secondly...what does his ethnic background have to do with anything? would you beleive that a White guy would not have done that to you.

  • Ld
      22nd of Feb, 2010
    -2 Votes

    I almost got scammed by a AAA battery specialist. My battery was dead and I called AAA. They sent out one of their sub contractors for my area. He had a snazzy pickup truck with AAA all over it. He tested my battery and said it was beyond help and I needed a new battery. He happen to have a new battery ready to go right then and there. I declined his service. He got snippy with me telling me that my car if jumped, will just stall out and I would get stuck somewhere. I still said no and requested he just jump my car please. He did so. I drove around for a half hr. and my battery is fine.
    After the kid left I called AAA to see what's up... I have had lot's of jumps over the years and never had this happen. The customer service rep said it is indeed a service they offer. She also said the driver did already report that my battery was fine and I just wanted a jump. Hum... battery fine... that's not what I was told. The Customer service rep said I should have had a printout of the my battery health which he did not give me.
    I called the subcontractor and they said that the kid gets extra money for the installation of the battery, and they don't teach their guys to mislead the public...
    So this is the story. Kid needs extra money... Lies to person in distressing situation for his personal gain. Is this what AAA roadside service is all about? Not what I pay my fees for!

  • Ji
      31st of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    AAA has a sales quoter on batteries. They are pushing sub contractors to sell or lose their contracts. WHAT A SCAM.

  • Ba
      1st of Apr, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I am a Battery Service driver for Auto Guardian in Nevada. I can assure you if this Kieth installed a battery that did not say AAA on the battery label, then he scammed you...but NOT with AAA approval. My truck ONLY carries AAA brand batteries. I only offer to install batteries to members as an OPTION, an alternative to driving their vehicle somewhere else for a service shop and the associated cost/labor/and waiting time, or having the vehicle towed to a shop or to their home. I have tested THOUSANDS of batteries in 4 years, and many, many, MANY of them have PASSED my test, and I give the member the printout as proof. I then boost their batteries and they drive off satisfied with my HONEST service. I'm sorry that some members have had bad experiences with unscrupulous or inexperienced/careless technicians, and that some contract station owners seem to have a beef with AAA wanting battery sales success in their markets, but this is not a scam. Our supervisors stress the importance of only replacing BAD batteries, not selling new ones for no reason! If the AAA tester fails or passes it, that's ALL the tech can go by. If a member doesn't trust me or the tester, I encourage them to go get a second opinion. Also, when I install a battery, I charge only what AAA tells me to, plus the state sales tax. I GET NO EXTRA MONEY, NO COMMISSIONS, NO LABOR CHARGES!!! Also, the receipt for the new AAA battery will have an 1-888 phone number for AAA's Club Assist group in Fla. Call them with complaints about technicians/ prices /warranty issues.

  • Ed
      1st of May, 2010
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    The warranty on these batteries is also a scam. My car died and AAA towed the car to my auto shop. The battery was completely dead with acid leaking out of it. The only way my mechanic could get it into the garage was to put in a battery temporarily. But because he took out the piece of crap from AAA, the warranty was "voided" conveniently. Turns out, by the way, the the lousy battery likely caused the alternator to go bad. So I'm out $550 total. Thanks, AAA -- I won't be renewing my membership for years to come. But you won't have to payout the $25 it probably cost you to supply those batteries made from old dog food cans. Smart business!

  • Cl
      6th of Aug, 2010
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    The people that doubt the battery program are crazy! Why would AAA try to scam anyone?? They are doing the right thing by offering you a solution to fix a very small problem that 100% of the vehicles On the road have a dead battery. Women stop thinking everyone is out to get you AAA makes every contractor do a full background check on every employee and then gives them the training to give you the best solution to your problem. Whether its a battery or towing or a jump start. The purpose if AAA is not to just get roadside service or discounts at hotels and traveling but to give you a HONEST opinion about your car and the condition that it is in. The tester will provide the answers to your vehicles problems just ask your technician to explain them to you. Also people if its a scam why is the service FREE to the member? Yes you have to by a battery whoopie everyone does why not buy it from the people that you have always trusted and they bring it to you and save you time and money. This is a fantastic program and I wish people would stop being so closed minded to the fact just cause your car doesn't start doesn't mean it can't be fixed on the spot and get you on your way to what you were doing in minutes. Pay the money get the warranty and drive safetly. And trust AAA they want what's best for you! Its what we do...

  • St
      2nd of Nov, 2018
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    @clay1715 Please google AAA Battery problem and look at their Better Bouro Rating it is the worst possible. People all over are having problems with the batteries. It is not the AAA you used to know

  • Jo
      30th of Aug, 2010
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    I called AAA because my car would not start. I believed it was the alternator, but when the call was dispatched, a van was sent. The driver told me my battery was dead and I needed a new one. Four days later, when I tried to drive the car again, the car died after four blocks.

    I called AAA again and told them I needed a tow to the repair shop, as I originally required. There I was told that the alternator was no good and neither was the battery. The repair shop replaced the alternator and told me the new battery would not hold a charge.

    The nightmare continued as AAA came out and told me that because the repair shop took the battery out and put in a replacement, they would not cover this battery with a new battery. So I am out $112 I paid last week and now have to buy another battery. What kind of rip-off is this? DO NOT USE AAA BATTERY SERVICE!

  • Jo
      30th of Aug, 2010
    -1 Votes

    What is free, Clay? You pay for the towing insurance, and when you need a battery, you pay for the product? Just like Edmund, I just got scammed.

    To my knowledge, I did not need a battery -- I needed an alternator. When AAA sent a van instead of a tow truck, I was surprised. When the technician told me I needed a battery, I did not argue, I just purchased the battery. But, when I tried to drive the car again, which was not until four days later, and the car died, I was ticked off.

    I called and asked to be towed to a local shop. There I was told that the alternator was bad, and so was this battery. The shop replaced the alternator and put the battery on charge, which did not work. They removed the battery and put a new one in to road test the car. Now I'm being told that because the shop removed the battery, the warranty is void.

    Is that not a scam? Now I am out the $112 for a battery I probably did not need, and I have to buy a battery again, one week later.

  • Ne
      5th of Oct, 2010
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    All of AAA is a scam, & so are the rest of the tow clubs out there. I own & operate a tow company, & just so happened to quit working for AAA. If you think AAA treats it's customers bad, then how bad do you think they treat the providers doing the work. I'll tell you bad. And I'm owed roughly $700.00. And for Clay1715, I'm a woman in a man's world & don't think anyone is out to get me. It sounds like you work for AAA.

  • Ke
      16th of Oct, 2010
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    Wow, I am very sorry to hear about your service with AAA and the battery program.

    I am the operations manager for a towing company on the other end of the continent (Oregon) and we are not only a AAA contractor, but we've also been running a battery service program for our area since 2004.

    Unfortunately, we have been guilty of that same scenario although not that frequently. Maybe once a year. However, as a reputable business, I would (and have) still reimbursed the member for the charges. Even if AAA or Club Assist didn't reimburse us. It's the principle that counts.

    The tester and training provided to us by AAA and Club Assist are top notch, but make no mistake...there are always glitches and things don't always go as smoothly as planned.

    Even though I'm not in the truck on a daily basis, I have done my share of tests and installations and can vouch that sometimes it we are baffled by the test results. Getting various readings and having to retest multiple times on the same vehicle for the same call. Usually something simple (a loose connection, an accessory left plugged in, etc.) is the culprit for erroneous readings but in a hurry or with a new technician, it can be missed or overlooked.

    What I mean to say is that, although you had a terrible experience and should be compensated for your expenses, the program itself is actually very valuable to most people and they are super pleased with their purchases and the resulting peace of mind that comes from using AAA.

    I am discouraged to hear that neither AAA or the towing company are not reimbursing you and as such, I completely understand your frustration with the program and dissatisfaction with the service.

  • Bo
      7th of Jan, 2011
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    Their batteries are JUNK.
    And they are pretty dishonest.
    They installed a new battery on my car and I have too many problems with it. In any reputable shop that I had the battery tested the results showed a faulty battery. However, AAA refused to honor the warranty because their portable machine showed that the battery was OK.
    THe battery totally died within less than 3 years. After five service calls within the same week, they finally accepted to change the battery... however they still wanted me to pay a "prorated" price (about 75% of the full price). Not only that, although I had to call 5 times due to their refusal to change the battery on the first call, they applied those calls against my limit, even when they sent twice the wrong people (a tow truck that didn't tow me, and a guy witout batteries who left on the spot).
    Getting their battery service again?? Not in a million years!!

  • Sh
      15th of Jan, 2011
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    first off what does his ethnic background have to do with anything? would you beleive that a White guy would not have done that to you. and second a car battery has a life of about 2 to 3 so you got your money worth any way. you people amaze me to think that you will get more than 3 years out of any battery you would be lucky, how many times you think you start your car in 3 years ???
    all i can say is there are some real [censor]s out there

  • Dc
      12th of Mar, 2011
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    Here is the truth as I see it: I've had at least four of the AAA batteries. They are simply not as good as a high quality, name brand battery (Die Hard, Interstate, etc.). The positive to buying a battery this way is that they come to you and install a battery wherever you are----home, work, stuck in a shopping center parking lot, etc. You are paying for that convenience. I really wish they would charge another $25.00 or so and offer Die Hards or Interstates or some other really reliable battery. I'd be very happy to pay more to get more reliablility. Okay, next comment is that they do not stand behind their warranty. If your car does NOT have an AAA battery, undoubtedly, the battery will "need replacement" and they happen to have just what you need. By contrast, if the battery in your car is one that they sold you two years ago, it's absolutely not the battery, it's a problem with your car's electrical or charging system---or you don't drive your car enough---or the battery "just needs to be charged." Bogus. With all that said, I do love the convenience and I've put up with the drawbacks. It's sad that they can't take a really good idea and improve it to the next level, but apparently, that's not their plan.

  • Mm
      31st of Jul, 2012
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    Agree completely!
    My AAA battery lasted 5 months & wouldn't hold a charge.
    I took it to the dealer thinking something else was wrong...but no, it was my "new" battery, from AAA.
    Money back? No way!

  • Fr
      14th of Sep, 2012
    +1 Votes

    race had nothing to do w/ it! This company is rotten from the top down. I was just service screwed by a dumb ### reneck w/ red hair. All the company say is policy blah, blah.They created every ### policy to cover their ###, consumers have no rights. Asked for tow, they jumped so husband could drive to repair shop, then he had to walk back 3 miles b/c I sit here w/ broken leg. No empathy from any workers. Got passed around to 3 workers, and manager not on site. Piss poor customer service.
    I am soooo sorry you had insurance w/ them. "service " bad enough! We all know paid/blown by the scammers themselves. They do anything they can to NOT hel., but anything to make thier day easier. I bought battery, still had problem. 1st tow to repair shop fine. Car still wouldn't hold charge. Called 1 day prior to needing 2nd tow, explaining problem, asked for tow b/c I have broken leg& unable to get husband home after car dropped off. Why weren't we told...we don't just do tows @ that time.Would've gladly made that calll instead of go through this ### again. Only 1 positive experience in 7 years & approx 5 calls. And it was done before w/o jump, but noone would answer why car not just towed. AAA canceled after 20 min excruitiatinly frustrating call.

  • Ze
      12th of Oct, 2012
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    AAA Battery service sucks! Got a 72 month battery from them on 10/15/08. Battery failed on 10/9/12. Called AAA for service. Service rep check the Charging system and the Battery. Battery was the problem. Service rep refused to replace the battery because the failure was due to the wrong battery being installed. Told me to drive the 10 miles, with a dead battery, to the service provider that installed the battery. Called AAA second time to explain the problem. Was told that supervisor would review the case. Called a third time to talk about who was going to pay for a new battery. Waited 4 hours with no response. Next day no response. Third day I called AAA again. Many apologies and excuses. I was asked if I wanted a service provider to install another battery. Sure two days ago would have been nice. The possibility of having to go through this again forced me to turn down the offer. I'd rather spend $125 of my own money rather deal with these people. AAA failed at three levels: original service, warranty service and Customer Service. Anyone can make a mistake. How they deal with it shows the true character of the organization.

  • Cr
      28th of Nov, 2012
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    AAA refused to replace my bad battery within the 3 year warranty because I had driven the car less than7500 miles per year and that constituted "neglect" in their opinion, voiding the warranty. Unbelievable interpretation! I'll never do business with them again.

  • Mi
      11th of Dec, 2013
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    I bought a battery from AAA on 4 January 2013 after the original battery died in my Chrysler Van after over 5years of trouble-free use! 10 months later on the 1st cold day we had, I had to call AAA for a jump! They tested & said that all was well! I didn't drive enough & informed me of the fine print on the sales receipt that if you don't drive so many miles a year it would void their 3 year replacement warranty! I never heard this on any other battery I bought before! After 2-3 other no starts even though I put my charger on it & AAA not wanting to HONOR their replacement warranty, because their testers read OK, after a final aggrivating no start, after being off the charger only a few days, I drove to Sears & they said the battery teated BAD! I installed a Diehard Platinum for $200.00+! Since I haven't changed my driving habits at all & even with much colder temps. have had no problems! Oh! Sears has a 4 year full replacement warranty, no mileage requirement, no questions asked!!No prorating either! I'm out $ 130.00 for the AAA garbage battery that got me through the spring, summer & fall of 2013! Sadly disappointed in AAA after years of membership & no reply after submitting a complaint! Not eve a peep!!!

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