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I purchased 2 Cell Phones, 2 headsets, 2 FM Satellite Receivers from and the sales person said they will all be sent to me in a couple of days. When I got the package the 2 FM Satellite receivers were not in the package. I call the sales department on Dec 30, 2005 and they said the warehouse made a mistake but I would have to call customer service. I did and customer service said it was a mistake and they would contact the warehouse and have them sent. I waited but got nothing so I called customer service on the 19th and this time they gave me a story about how I have to deal with another web site and register and they will send them. I did not like this since I felt I had been lied to so I called customer service on January 20 and was going to cancel my order and send back the phones. They apologized and said the person had it wrong and that they will send the 2 FM receivers to me right away and I will get them by Friday 1-27-06. So I agreed. But they did not. I called again 1-28-06 and now the supervisor gave me the other story about dealing with another web page, it is their sister company or something. I was going to cancel but now they say it has been 30 days so they claim I cannot. They lied to me and strung me along enough and now they will not do anything.


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