A1L Realizations / Most worst unprofessional recruitment company ever!!! Refused to pay, the money thats due to me simply ignores me when I mail them

1 s Building 18 Oxford Office Park 3 Bauhinia Street Highveld Techno Park Centurion, ZA
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This is the worse experience of my life.A company where you get paid by a person and not automated system.A company where the Director calls you at night and threathen to terminate your contract if you speak directly to their client about their disgusting service.A company where the consulting agents dont know anything about the industry, A company where you have salary issues every month, A company where the client is much more worth then the actual agent who got the job and works for them.A company where your contract gets terminated before its expiry date without no reason given.Please see attached letter.A company where theirs no professionalism.My contract ended on the 31st of March 2017, I made them aware the director LouisVogel in particular that i was paid short for a period of four months I emailed him and his HR lady to this very hour he didnt reply.This email i sent on the 30th of March 2017 but he decided to not reply because my contract is ending the following day.I've made the very same director aware of my desire to take Fazlu Nordien who's a corrupt, fraudulent, bias individual who's the teamleader at the Vodacom CIC prepaid department to the ccma and this racist director's reply was that hes surprised at my unfounded allegations without asking his incompetent recruiting lady who goes by the name of Helga Bates who was fully aware of whats going on because she made notes and assured me that she was on my side only for her to show her true colors on the 14th of February when they asked me at vodacom to leave their premises without any reason(please see attached letter).I was informed that muslims at vodacom standby each other but i realized that late.

A1L Realizations

Apr 03, 2017

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