A1 Taxi / tire dept and management

1 Captain Cook, HI, United States

This happened to me at the Kailua Kona hawaii store. I have a taxi business and
I went in to purchase 1 tire that was starting tp separate
Jason the manager in charge of the tire dept refuse to sell me 1 tire. I had already replace the other 3 tires earlier. The 1 bad tire was starting to show the steal belts. It definitely needed to be replaced i felt. I honestly feel that costco did not care at all about replacing a worn TIRE. Because they ONLY want to sell complete sets.
What really bothered me was that they just did not care and sent me AWAY WITH a bad tire that could blow out...
All other tires were brand new mind you.
When i spoke to the managment i showed them that the other 3 tires were within specs. New even.
I also wanted to file a complaint against the store manager at the Hawaii Kailua kona store big island...
in the past i have brought in single wheels to put new tires on. With no problems.
This indecent has left me very upset with the Kona Kailua Store in HAWAII 96740.
They made me feel that they just dont care about a person..i also feel that if this incident can happen to me ? It will happen
to someone else. They are looking at a potential LAW Suit, to actually turn u AWAY rather than replace a the tire is a tragedy in the making...i hope some really reads this at head quarters...[protected]...

Oct 18, 2017

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