A1 Auto Roodepoort / Fraudulent activities tow, truck drivers unethical behaviour

1 Johannesburg, SO

On Saturday evening our business vehicle was in an accident. A cash price of R450 was negotiated with the A1 tow truck driver to deliver the vehicle to 58 Anderson Street, Marshalltown as per details on the A1 receipt #24592. The distance from the accident to the delivery address was less that 2 km. My staff drove in front of the tow truck and as they come to the destination the tow truck driver sped up and disappeared with the vehicle which is theft. The driver has also fraudulently changed the R450 charge on the receipt to R4500 after our employee signed the receipt. The A1 driver also added on the clause "it or if not paid yard" after our driver had signed the document. So the price was changed and the extra clause was added on after our employee signed. We have two witnesses to this fraud. What a scam and what an easy way to cheat innocent people. On Monday we tracked our vehicle down to the A1 yard in Roodepoort. My driver was treated like " a piece of trash" by Natasha an employee and pointed out that the account as of yesterday is over R8000 and each day the account will go up by another R1000. I phoned and spoke to Robbie one of the managers who said he would call me right back. On making a follow up I am to told that he will now be away and someone else will take over however is not contactable. This lady eventually pretended not to hear me and put the phone down on my ear. This is unacceptable . The A1 employee has theoretically stolen our vehicle and I asked A1 to return it a the agreed price. This is theft and fraud. I also told Robbie that I would make contact with every major insurance company listed on their document to point out the illegal business practices of A1. A1 does not care as they clearly get away with this with poor consumers who are victims in accidents. Our driver went back to the A1 office to get a photo of the vehicle on the property as the police needs this for a charge. My driver was refused access last night as this was against company policy apparently but did confirm that our vehicle is a hostage in their impound.
I need the company vehicle delivered back to the agreed delivery address at the agreed tow rate of R450.00. Astrid [protected].

Nov 01, 2016

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