A1 Air / Rip off

On Sunday August 8th, my AC stopped working. On a recommendation from a neighbor, we called A#1 Air to have them look at it. We were told that our compressor was seized & needed to be replaced. We were told that due to the change in the type of Freon that was approved for new systems in 2010, it would be more economical to replace the entire system rather than just the compressor. The cost was higher, but we decided it was practical. The new system supposedly qualified for a $1500 tax rebate due to efficiency. I would have gotten several bids, but seeing as it was over 100 outside that week, we decided to let A#1 do the install. (I think I will regret this later or not). The people that were sent out seemed originally seemed more like salesman, rather than technicians. They talked quickly & several times I had to stop them & have them explain what they meant. The installers showed up on Tuesday August 10th and did the install. They were polite, neat, careful 7 seemed to know what they were doing. The work took about 7 hours which is not unreasonable. During the install, a small crack was made in our ceiling due to a misstep in the attic. Again not a major deal. Before they left, I had the installers make a note of the crack and figured that someone would follow up with me. I was also not given the certificate showing that the system qualified for the tax rebate or an itemized receipt, but this was also noted so that I could be sent one.

So the real problem was not the install, but with their office personnel. I received a call a couple of days later from Ralph asking how the install went. I told him that it was Ok with the exception of the crack in the ceiling & the missing paperwork. I also brought up the vent pipe that was sticking out of the roof for the gas furnace that was a bright white piece of PVC that I thought looked tacky. I asked if they would paint it and they reacted like that was a *** request. When I told Ralph about these issue, he said he was only calling about the install (I thought he was checking to see if I was satisfied so I would think he would want to know) He said he would pass on my issue to the appropriate people. I waited a week & never heard back. I called & spoke with Chrissie Turner & told her what I needed. She said it would be taken care of. A few days later, I received a faded copy of the certificate, but not the itemized receipt I asked for. There was also no follow up on the ceiling or the pipe on the roof. I called Chrissie back and told her what happened and she said she would take care of it. I was called a few of days later by Kimberly who said that Lyndsey would set up a service call to have the ceiling fixed and pipe painted. No follow up here either. I called back and they were going to check on it. In the meantime, I received another faded copy of the certificate in the mail, but no receipt. I called Chrissie Turner on Monday and by Wednesday had not received a call back. I called her myself & told her I was started to get frustrated by the lack of response. I finally got the ceiling crack fixed, but the repiar was only adequate. I also finally received a receipt in the mail, but it was a copy of the contract I had signed originally. It was not itemized and looked to have been prepared (poorly) based on my original. Some items on it were different. This seemed fishy. At this point I was laughing at the incompetence of A#1's office personnel & have decided that they are not worth my time anymore. I considered calling the owner, Sherry Green, but decided it would get me nowhere. The fact that this type of behavior is tolerated by the owner, tells me that they really don’t care about anything besides the $.

I do not plan to EVER use this company again (except for warranty calls, which I don’t expect to go well), nor do I recommend anyone using them as they seem shifty & possibly dishonest. It is nothing I can put my finger on, but A#1 Air left me with a bad feeling.

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