A1 Accurate Construction / scam artist/rip off

1 North Chicago, IL, United States

We hired Steve Zerin to install a sump pump and renovate a basement bathroom. he recived a total of $2125 and all we have to show for it is a 4 inch hole where a sump pump was to be at, a gutted out bathroom, and 2 feet of missing walls. We just recently found out that Steve Zerin NEVER applied for the proper Permits nor did he have a license to work in the City of North Chicago. Also he has NO Plumbers license for North Chicago. I submitted a complaint with the City of North Chicago and with the BBB. When he found out that he was in trouble with the BBB and the City of North Chicago, he came to my house and threatened my family. Please do not deal with this guy, he is dangerous. My family and are are still scared of what he may do. I wish i was able to leave info for others like me to contact. Just stay away from him and be safe.

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