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a trans moving and storeage / thieves

1 35 - 8th StreetPassaic, NJ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1 877 755 2444

guy jackson and the owner val are thieves and lairs. the whole process is a scam they were over 3 weeks late with my stuff. i'm still missing a granite kitchen table i will never see again. never ever use this company they low ball the price and raise it when they are at the house. the drive who's name is Neo who deliveried my stuff threatened to keep my stuff plus add $300 for over night storage, after its 3 weeks late, if we did not pay in cash when we where told cash, check, or credit card. not one word the say is true, don't use this company and tell friends. i saw warning and dismissed them but everything you read is true. this company needs to be shut down and Guy Jackson and Val the owner need to be held accountable for what they have done to their costumers

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      13th of Feb, 2009
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    A-Trans Moving and Storage based in Passaic, NJ is ran by a bunch of scam artists!!! I bet that their booking agent, GUY JACKSON, is not even his real name. They gave me a $340.00 estimate to move my one bedroom apartment --- a gave them perfect description of my stuff and Guy said it is ok. They tell me the job will take no longer than 4 hours and I believe them because when I first moved, it took two guys and no more than 3 1/2 hours to move my apartment from one place to the other. The only exception Guy tells me is that they will only charge extra if they have to pack my stuff, but I said I packed everything except for the padding of furniture, which was part of the quote.

    Guy tells me they will send a 27 foot truck and show up at 9am on pick up day with a 14 foot truck. I call them and they say they will charge only for first trip and second trip to pick up the rest of my stuff with bee free. Is aid OK. They load the 14 ft truck, then a larger BUDGET rental truck shows up and they unload the small truck putting my valuables on the ground/sidewalk and then load the larger truck. They then tell me they do not pick up mirrors, no plasma TVs, no lamp shades --- I said I was never told this. It took them from 9am to 2pm to load a one bedroom apartment --- keep in mind they are charging by the hours -- so the quote for 4 hours is already out the door.

    They do not have proper tools -- no hand trucks to equipment at all to help the move faster and easier. My boyfriend had to use his power tools to disassemble the furniture. The men had to carry boxes I packed ONE AT A TIME!!! DELAYING TACTICS galore. The foreman on the phone had the nerve to tell me halfway of them unloading my stuff to the new place that I need to agree to pay for over $1, 000.00 (this is more than 3x the original estimate) -- THIS IS TO MOVE A ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT!!! How much will they charge to move a 3-bedroom house ??? -- $5, 000.00?!?!?! They did not even pick up all my stuff. My boyfriend and I had to make two trips to pick up two mirrors they refused to take unless I pay $75.00 each and a plasma and other stuff. My sofa they left in my new apartment buildings' exit and said they would come back the next day to bring it up -- but they did not. I had to pay a guy $50.00 to help my boyfriend move it to my 6th floor apartment.


  • De
      9th of Jun, 2009
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    At the middle of May I contacted a number of moving companies and requested quotes for a move from Brookline, MA to Rochester, NY I received at least 10 quotes with ATRANS being the lowest quote. So needless to say I hired this scam company. These guys are smooth and have all their t's crossed and their i's dotted. I checked to see if they were credited with the BBB and at that time they were under the name of ATRANS and at the point in time I did not know that they also used the name ATRAF. If I knew that they went by another name I could have check to see that they had 43 complaints against them prior to my hiring them . I gave them my credit card number and the first charge was $200.00 deposit.

    They continued to play the Mr. Nice Guy game. They told me they had their own trucks and for me not to worry that I would have my items picked with their truck on July 25 and I would have my items by July 30. On July 25 a Budget Rental pulled up at my 48 Harvard Avenue address I phoned and spoke with Guy and he assured me that I need not worry that all the
    company trucks were out and they always use rentals to pick up the slack. So I agreed they could take all my worldly possessions, alot of the items that I was having shipped to my Rochester address were heirlooms and items that can't ever be replaced, sentimental items can't ever be replaced.

    After that there was no contact from those guys at all. I had to make numerous phone calls (mostly going to answering machine) to enquire about my things. On July 30 Guy told me to contact Mr. Yuval the owner who also goes by the name Val. Next day Mr. Yuval phoned me and told me. that I he had some bad news that there was no truck going to Rochester
    and my freight was too small to use a full truck so he was trying to arrange a truck and promised to get back to me by 8pm on July 31st.

    Mr. Yuva or Val whatever he goes by, after holding my things for 10 days shows up on August 5 2008 at 11.16 AM at my place at Rochester and takes the balance immedietely even before unloading a single item. And as in their case their is stuff missing and he just gives a 1-877 number to call for claims. But he tells me to wait till next day August 6th to hear from him before calling. Well he never calls. And today on August 7th morning the guy Mr. Val has some nerve of calling on my phone about this Rip-Off and yes sir I stand by what I said. It is the truth.
    So please avoid these guys at all cost if you want to save yourself some hassle.
    The reason they are criminals because:
    1. They will lie through their teeth to get your business (just see the beutiful wordings on their website).
    2. They say 'Guaranteed Delivery: 3-5 Days', minimal time 10 days if you are lucky.
    3. Charge by weight. Always exaggerated by 1200 or more pounds. They say their cost is less, but they inflate the price by tellling higher weight.
    4. Mr. Val told me that them picking up my stuff for Rochester was a mistake. He offered me to deliver my things back to Massachusetts.

  • Ca
      13th of Oct, 2009
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    Guy or whatever he is known by suppose to move me on September 30th 2009, guy called me on the 29th and said his truck broke down and want be able to move until oct 2 and for me to pay for extra 2 days in my apt. I stayed extra days, when his mover got there on friday oct 2 with a 14 ft trucker from renters i was so mad-i have a large 1 1/2 bedroom and then Nio (very disrespectful worker) attached an additional 1700.00 to moving charge. A-tran moving and storage Guy took my deposit and will not return it. I'm taking this company to court and I will close down their business this year-no more atran moving and storage!!!

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