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a sherman schepherd / dog deliver end get not pay

1 jules roadNew Iberia, LA, United States Review updated:
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Judy Boughton the wife of Roger Boughton the vet in new Iberia US has buy almost 3 years ago a dog from my Zahra from Spitsbubezinger end she promise me to pay my the last 6000 Euro whit her litters she had litters, end told that she not had!
I friend has called her one time end she had a female to sell to my friend, so I hope somebody can helps my for a laywer or have my money, or go to cord, I m from Belgium,
end I have letters from her were is in that she will pay me,
she not want to reaceted on my mails nothing,
and lies alot obouth my for not want to pay me !

she find hundrund story's call my a thief end shez is the person how still must pay me end getting not her promisses, she had litters, end tell peopel she not have!

can somebody help my whit this case,

thanks you

Rita Wuyts

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  • St
      12th of Jul, 2009
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    This kind of thing goes on by people who at heart are unscrupulous yet say otherwise under the guise as Southern hospitality. Just looking at A.K.C. registration numbers you can see something smells in New Iberia that more pups were produced than admitted. Claims of them dying provokes wonder that the A.K.C. hasn't questioned the registration of dead dogs! Perhaps even the I.R.S. should be checking their business records also especially as her husband the vet is an integral part of the kennel according to her website. Does Louisiana have state tax board too? Hate another story of the "Ugly American" I know the majority of us aren't. Cough it up Judy, do the right thing for yourself at least and pay what you owe! Lots of talk going on all around the world, but I bet she tries what all liars do, is tell another lie.

  • Ve
      17th of Jul, 2009
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    Dear reader,
    This message from Rita Wuyts is complete slander and privacy violation, people who wants about this case in Belgium more information can contact me: Erik Verbeeck independent journalist editor in chief Morsum Magnificat mobile phone +32 (0) 473 76 25 73

  • Wu
      7th of Aug, 2009
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    Stop stalking me Verbeeck Erik,
    this is now for a year end we will meet in cord, for stalking, and a lots off pivacy violation.

    I have prove black on whit that she promised that she pay my, end now she not wants end treatens my!

    but she has got pups end I have a mail end contract black on white that she promised me end agreed.

    We now you in Belgium, you have now home, are frustrated in life, end your hobby are stalking people.
    STOP whit that, the complains in already to the usa.

    must I not be write in my shoes I not did that.

    You are in Belgium a very nowed person in cord,
    end you have lots off complain in the cord,
    so Verbeeck Stop whit stalking end publish lies whit now
    prove that we have!
    Judy lies to you, but thats not my problems.

    end when you not stop I publisch the mails end the prove!

    you now this information that you follew my every where partners, my vet, my clubs, my ex go's traigth to the police end cord!

    your work this out life is one frustration end you
    put al you frustration on you website,
    in courd are many complains how runs against you,
    end you have also a lot off complains after you back now!

    You play for detective end reporter end lett pay you!
    that prove I have to.

    Till september in cord end august.

    Rita Wuyts

  • Rs
      23rd of Oct, 2009
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    In answer to the slander of Erik Verbeeck

    This case is simple. Judy Boughton owes still 6, 000 euro to the previous owner of Zahra von Spitzbubezwinger. Erik Verbeeck already wrote a lot of lies and spouted a lot of false accusations in this case based on stories like Judy Boughton. Even that Zahra von Spitzbubezwinger is infertile. Zahra von Spitzbubewinger had at least 3 litters. You can check on the pedigree database that Zahra von Spitzbubezwinger had at least 7 pups in her last litter. This at the age of 8. The agreement was that Judy would pay the full amount, wether at once or in pieces f.e. after each litter. And their were litters.

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