A. Share & Sons Limited (ScSFurniture) Company number: 323778unprofessional, rude, discriminating, uncommitted, wrong information

The sofa was ordered on 07/10/2018 and the total price including the delivery charges were paid through debit card. The staff dealing at the time was Jim, staff ID:35803. He verbally promised that the sofa will be delivered by the 15th -16th November 2018 on the receipt it was estimated a total of 6 weeks. The sofa was not delivered on the agreed/promised date. I would like to let you know that conduct of Mr.Pickard Manager Bedfor was very unprofessional, impolite. We felt his attitude was discriminating towards us and his dealing with foreigners were different from others. I still stand on my words he gave us verbal assurance that the delivery will be within six weeks' time either 14/15/16 of November 2018 may be earlier. He never read out the terms and conditions or even discussed it. He was in a rush and asked my son to sign the papers while me and my wife were looking at other products in the shop i.e. Marble table and single sofa. During telephone conversation Mr.Pickard asked me to make the complaint. I still believe he have deliberately delayed the delivery of the sofa as a result of my complaint against Mr. Pickard It is very disappointing, unethical and unprofessional that neither the Area Manager nor Customers Service have responded to my complaint and James Pickard is the only person dealing with the complaint. I believe that ScS have lost Trust and credibility. In reference to my complaint against ScS with Resolver, I had a discussion with Mr. Raz sales Manager on the 30th of November and I was offered to waive of delivery charge also will confirm the delivery time of sofa as well as investigate the complaint. until now no further progress

Dec 08, 2018

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