A Preferred Paving / Terrible company

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In November, 2008, 'A Preferred Paving' provided service for me and I paid them a week later. (I have the canceled check.) In January, 2009 they wrongfully filed a baseless Mechanics Lien against my property for nonpayment of this bill.

In late March, 2009 a lien release was provided to me but never recorded in the Recorder of Deed's office. Although they acknowledged their error, THEY REFUSE TO PAY TO HAVE THE RELEASE RECORDED.

Prior to the lien I had no communication from them except for a few impolite voicemail messages to which I replied. The first written document I received after payment was the lien.

Since this lien was baseless, it constitutes slander against my title and so they are responsible for damages incurred by me as a result of it. This includes recording the lien release which is required in order to refinance or sell my home.

Clearly, 'A Preferred Paving' is not acting in good faith. Until they pay for the release caused by their admitted error, I do not recommend that anyone deal with this company.

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