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I hired Cox Craftsmen (a company claiming to have been in business for 25 years) to refinish my kitchen and half bath floors. We agreed on a contract of $1900 to complete the job and Mr. Cox received half of the agreed upon sum ($950) in advance in accordance with the contract. Because of the death of my wife (before to start of work) I renegotiated the contract verbally to $1600 because of funeral preparation cost and he excepted the new terms. He began the work complete about 75% of the job, then he requested the remaining money before finishing the job stating that he needed it to make repairs to his work vehicle. I gave him all the money in full before he completed the job and I have not seen Mr. Cox since. After over two months of trying to get him to finish what he started he has yet to set foot back in my home using every possible excuse not to return.. Being a disabled US Marine Veteran and a recent widower did not stop this man from taking money that was not yet due him. He says he is physically incapable of finishing the job, can not afford to pay to have it finished by another contractor and he as no way to refund my money, in another words he plans to do nothing for me but leave my house in disarray. All he has done in two months is postpone, schedule and reschedule but never seems to show up. In addition to that the floor tile he put down is starting to peel away from the floor all over my kitchen. His 75% of completed work turned out to be an inferior job that I way not be able to salvage.

May 27, 2015

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