A. Pizza Construction / Terrible Work Site

These guys left our public (shared) parking lot a mess. Tools, nails, scrap metal - all left haphazard like they owned the whole neighborhood. They had a dumpster in the lot, and there was as much outside the dumpster as inside. The 'boss' picked up a bunch of guys from the train station, dropped them off and left them to fend for themselves. They work VERY fast, when they are working - but that's in fits and spurts. I'm writing this because I'm disgruntled that I got a screw in 2 week old tires, and had to pay $25 out of pocket. It was the screws and washers they pulled off an old building adjacent to ours. They left them there. On Monday I came back, and a coworker and I found handfuls of this crap all over the lot and the nearby street. I gave one of the workers the bill and they laughed. My coworker warned them about boards with 4" nails sticking straight up (about 5 businesses use this lot) and they laughed. If you don't care about your work site, or the people that are doing the work - A. Pizza is the construction company for you. By the sound of the complaints I've seen across the web, they are as lousy with finance and finishing jobs as they are with keeping a tidy work space. I would steer clear of them.

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