A KASBAR and A SIMPSON RUN A FAKE PASSPORT SCAM BEWARE / scam alert on complaintboard

1 Manchester, England, Cheshire, United Kingdom

KASBAR and A SIMPSON are Nigerian scammers purporting to be legit document makers who scammed my brother out of 16, 000 euros. Please beware they use many different accounts purpoting to be people who received these "documents" that never exist. They are very convincing even tell you that you can collect them yourself in Brussels, which will never happen. My brother is very gullible and fell for their scam, once he paid them the first 3k, they said they need an additional 3k to pay their source. You would agree also if you had invested that anmount already. They all sit in a Nigerian Internet cafe scamming people. I have pinged their IP and it comes back to Sierra Leone. They work mainly off this site complaintsboard. PEOPLE BEWARE, I am not advertising, I am not selling nor buying anything, I am just simply warning you DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR TRICKS, THEY ARE VERY CONVINCING !!

Feb 27, 2013

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