My friend of 30 years, referred roofer George Robinson, who does busines under the business name of "A HANDY MAN TO HAVE AROUND". He passed himself as an experienced roofer, floor installer, bath-kitchen remodeler. He looked professional, having a work van,
with his company logo all over the business equipped van.

We hired him, to do the roof, remodel the a bathroom and remove the pop-corn ceiling from our single family residence.

Unaware to me, nor my friend, a building
inspector, saw him working and advised us that this individual was un-licensed.

Mr. Robinson, gets permits using someone else's license.
Then when inspection time came, his work repeatedly would not pass inspection . He kept saying he would be able fix the minor problems and get inspections passed. This was back in Feb, 2010.

Finally, when the summer rains came - the ceiling in my kitchen caved in, water spots ALL over the ceiling
(Situation became a living nightmare)

Finally, with assistance of the Miami-Dade County Building & Permit Office I made contact with the qualifier, listed on the permit, to start resolving the matter.

We have paid Mr. George Robinson, $ 11, 000, we now had more damage than before we began the fix-up.

Now the qualifier, is re-doing the entire roof, I have had to re-buy the materials and now have a new Licensed roofer, doing the work.

DO NOT HIRE HIM, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, do not hire Mr. George Robinson, D.B.A. A HANDY MAN TO HAVE AROUND. Mr. Robinson is a theft, a liar, and an individual who belongs in jail.

He stole, our hard earned money. leaving us worse off than before- now needing more repairs than we needed before he started working at our house.

Sorry I ever had this man do anything for me, my friend is also sorry she ever recommended him. The small jobs he did for my friend, did not require a skilled worker so she never encountered any problem (She has known him for many, many years) She also was unaware he was not licensed.

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