A Hammer for Hire - Very Bad Business Practices / Defamation + Breach of Contract + Threats + Blackmail

1 Waterloo, NE, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 402-679-8596

Scott A. Bakhit, A Hammer For Hire, Waterloo NE is not a decent human being nor a stand up businessman. I spent 60+ hours designing his website, producing a corporate video, logo from scratch, copywriting, bio, legal contracts, advertisements, etc. He breached contract. I got paid zero.
I tried to get payment. Instead, Bakhit verbally threatened me personally and professionally. - and is trying to further bully me into submission, as he successfully accomplished several months ago regarding ownership of his website. Additionally, Bakhit is now engaging in widespread defamation/libel of my business online - demanding I hand over the copyrights to my work - or else! I don't work for free.

If I could turn back the clock, I would have never associated with this crook, which I was unaware of, at the time. I have come to discover that Bakhit has a record. He is a user. He used me for my marketing expertise. Certainly, he never had any intention of fulfilling our contract. Naive was I.

I am a female, small business owner not used to dealing with malicious thugs. Imagine the fear I experience daily lately, when I find new, libelous reviews of my business authored by Scott Bakhit and his sorry cohort Cindy Charon-Jacobsen. They use fake names and write invented complaints online to hurt my business - my bread-and-butter that keeps a roof over my head for my child and I. Bakhit doesn't care. He gets an adrenine rush messing with others. He lives for it!

I don't care any more about the money owed, I now simply want this thug to leave me, my friends, family and business alone. Scott A. Bakhit, A Hammer For Hire, Waterloo Nebraska is out of control. Notice: One more instance of libel, the video embedded on his website from my youtube channel (which I allowed him to use based on threats) shall be removed...forever. And, the top corporate attorney I have on stand by shall file a defamation and breach of contract lawsuit, among other avenues I shall pursue.

Stand up business people don't act like a mobster want-a-be and try to 'send me a message' as he tried to do last weekend by calling my good friend three times in one hour.

I am a single mom and small business owner. I wish to be left alone by this thug. He has done enough damage.

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