A & H Financial Services, LLC / Terrible Customer Service

1 109 Country Day Rd Suite 3 Chester Md 21619, Chester, MD, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 410-643-5352

I met with Myles Loller of A & H Financial services in March of 2011 to discuss tax preparation for 2010. After our appointment I decided to use another tax preparer since I wasn't pleased with the service they seemed to be offering. I had my taxes prepared by someone else . I signed the returns and mailed both State and Federal along with a check for payment that was owed. I thought everything was finished. Several months later I received a letter from the IRS stating that I owed an additional $6, 671.00 for underpayment as well as owing the state more for the same reason. After many phone calls to both the Maryland Comptrollers Office the IRS we discovered that Myles Loller with A& H tax service electronically filed a return that was not authorized, approved or
signed by me. I did not retain their services or pay them anything the day I met with them. I have been trying to get this resolved for a year now and A & H has been anything but helpful even going so far as to say " oh well" and shrug their shoulders. They accept no responsibility for this screw up on their part at all. When they did prepare an amended return for us to explain why the original had been filed inappropriately they did not sign as preparer or the explanation as to why this error occurred. When questioned about this they claimed that their signature was not needed. The IRS did return everything that was submitted requesting their signature. When I called Myles Loller to inform him of this he instructed me to sign his name (REALLY) can you say FRAUD? When I refused to do this he then told me to bring them into his office the next day and his partner Mr. Cooper would sign them. I went the next day and Mr. Cooper did sign them however, when I questioned the signature because it was illegible he told me to just print out the name next to the signature which was actually Mr. Loller's name not his own. A & H tax service has been the most unprofessional business that I have ever dealt with. If you use or are considering using them I would strongly recommend against it. They are the absolute worst in customer service and tax preparation you could ever have the misfortune of dealing with. One year later and we still do not have this resolved.
Theresa R. Chester, MD 21619

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