A Great Shot / Tremendous disappointment

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I pre paid over $3000 to Jen Jez at A Great Shot photographs in May of 2008 for a wedding in July of 2008. She did a good job with the engagements, a good job with the bridals, and she was wonderful to work with at the wedding. The picture she printed for the wedding with her advertisement was wrong, not attractive at all, but I was willing to pass on that. HOWEVER, it is August of 2009 and I have not received my disc with our pictures or any of the three albums that I paid for. Our pictures were not even all posted on our site by her until December of 2008.

She has had myriad excuses - the guy she gave our job to had quit, some one that had started our job was pregnant, I must have written down the code for access to my pictures incorrectly, we didn't approve them in time, she was sick, she was moving, I must not understand her time line, and, finally - she actually said it had not been a year. Then she got defensive and said she had done a lot of free service for us (so I should understand?).

She has never voluntarily called us to keep us updated on her progress or lack of progress. Since the day after the wedding, the best way to get any response from her was to say we were going to drop by, e-mail her at her business, call from an unrecognized number, or finally to tell her I wanted a refund or I would contact a lawyer. I would advise anyone that pays her and signs her agreement first insert a due date for your photographs.

Immediately after the above refund or lawyer message was sent I received a generic e-mail from her telling me my pictures had been shipped and would be here in 3-5 days. NOPE.

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