A Good Plumberboiler repair

We were referred to A Good Plumber by our servicing plumber becuase they were over-booked with jobs. Our boiler stopped working and we had no heat.
A Good Plumber advised us that we had to replace a switch and charged us $1150. A Good Plumber advised us to bring in a Boiler Cleaning Service to have the boiler cleaned so it would operate more efficiently
Upon completion of the cleaning, the boiler cleaning service advised us that we had a crack in the base of the boiler which could cause a fire and/or carbon monide emmissions.
We are now out $1150 that we paid A Good Plumber and $1200 for the boiler cleaning
A Good Plumber than offered us a $600 credit for which they were never clear.They later informed us that the credit could only be applied to the installation of a new $10k boiler. We received an estimate from another reputable plumber for $9k on a replacement.
A Good Plumber withdrew the $900 credit once we started to complain.
A Good Plumber needs to account for why they did not detect the defect when they started the repair and explain why we are out $1150 and still don't have a working boiler
We would never recommend this plumbing and heating company to anyone

Dec 12, 2018

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