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A Good Moving Company (aka ABC Moving) / Moving Company Changes Name & Phone Number

1 Westmont, IL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 708-369-8975

I’m complaining to caution the public about a Chicago west-suburban moving company that scammed me and is continually changing their name and phone number. This is an update from a complaint I filed in complaintsboard on 12/09/2014 entitled, “Moving Company Delivers Bad Service” [number c737279 ]. To see my first complaint-specifically how this company scammed me, go to the complaintsboard website and enter that title above into the search box. Or use search engine and type in the title, or their phone number at the time, [protected].

Some info was purposely left out to protect people from this company or 3rd-party abuse. Back then they promised to move my property, but supplied service extremely below moving company standards, so low it can only be classified as a scam.

Back shortly before I first complained on 12/09, this company advertised on Craigslist under many different names simultaneously, but presented themselves to me under 4 names. In an early phone call the owner or manager (weeks later calling himself Mike Dillard) stated their name as “A Good Moving Company”. My intent is not personal: He could be a great guy. But, in a later phone call he stated “ABC Moving”. Their phone number in my first complaint on 12/09 was [protected]. The movers in person indicated “Reliable Moving Service” and “Relocation Pros”, but they could be a subcontractor.

Several weeks after my 12/09 complaint, I complained at a [watchdog organization]. Then between 1 day to 3 weeks later, they changed the name of the company in their Craigslist ads to “Good & Reliable Moving Company”; “Honest & Reliable Moving Company”, “Professional Loading and Unloading Company” and others. At the same time their phone number on Craigs list changed to [protected]. If you search the internet for this phone number you might find a [watchdog organization] website on which a complaint was logged in December.

Still later, in March 2015, I checked Craig’s list and found a THIRD set of text variations. The ad titles state names like “HONEST & RELIABLE MOVING COMPANY”; “FAMILY MOVERS”, but within their ads they call themselves only “Smart Moving & Delivery Co.”. The second phone number (having had it for at most for 4 months) was not found in Craigslist searches; while all their ads contained a new, third phone number, [protected].

In early April, they have posted a FOURTH set of ads with new, but similar text. Titles have similar names like “HONEST & RELIABLE MOVING COMPANY (low rates!)”, but starting adding in a FOURTH phone number with a different area code: [protected]. Important note: Craigslist’s search engine does not use smart search technology in which similar or misspelled words are retrieved. They quit using parenthesis around the area code possibly to escape searches in Craiglist by people with past bad deals by them. It is probably the same company because the “369” area code is associated with Lagrange, IL, around where the owner (or manager) stated his company is, Willowbrook, IL. So in trying to find this company you must type different but similar searches (i.e. drop the area code “369-8975”; leave out punctuation “[protected]”; and other variants). Instead of a phone number, you can use their common words, “pad” and “honest”, but be aware the company is probably bound to replace those with other similar words as their ads morph.

My 12/09 complaint will tell you few possible reasons why they change names and phones. In my case, THIS COMPANY took full advantage of my emergency by sending low physical ability, unknowlegeable, unprepared workers who gave low effort, then in the end demanded the unreasonably-high fees under threats of calling the law.
Here is the basic scam on me summarized in 2 parts-first the financial part: Mike agreed to send 2 movers for $75/ hour for a minimum of 3 hours of work- that’s $225. In my case, they completed the financial rip-off by putting their financial risk on me. He stated I need to deposit $100 which would cover a truck rental by driving cash only to a truck rental facility. The workers would meet me there use the money to rent a truck.

As a side note, here’s another questionable practice I did not fall prey to: They advertise text like, “Available 7 days a week at your convenience.” and “Short-notice moves are accepted.” When I was in a hurry to hire a mover, they quoted for a minimum of 3 hours pay at $75 for 2 movers ($37.50/mover), which is near the higher end of the scale of moving rates on Craig’slist (ranging from $25.00/mover to $43.50/mover).
It’s logical to conclude that they seem to hope someone calls in an emergency, as many businesses hope. I called in an emergency because the original movers backed out at the last minute. The questionable practice is that they hope someone in an emergency calls for a 1 ½ hour or 2 hour move, and the company collects for their 3 hour minimum. That didn’t happen in my case because my time went over the 3 hours. Now I’ll continue with the second part of the scam on me.

After they locked in the financial part of the scam, they focused on the service part, which was a combination (lack of: physical ability, knowledge, preparedness, and effort). The young men did not seem physically like movers, but didn’t even seem trained in moving. They moved at a leisurely rate-like relatives that were invited over because they were not doing anything that day. They obviously had little knowledge of moving. For example, I (not they) suggested removing a door from hinges to fit a couch through.
The worst characteristics were their preparedness and effort. For example, they advertised in most ads, “WE PAD AND WRAP ALL FURNITURE”. Not only did they not bring pads/wrap, but they did not even MENTION pads or wrap. I showed them a mere 4 things that I could not allow to be damaged out of the tens of things I had, and the movers ignored me. I caught them moving each of the 4 pieces, and STOPPED them to wrap furniture with my personal sleeping blankets. They did not apologize, and at least one piece, a file cabinet was scratched. Opposite of what their ads state, they brought NO EQUIPMENT except the truck for which I originally paid.
As time went on, when I stated they were moving slowly, one got defensive and revealed he was injured. In hindsight, I estimate the 2 movers seemed in total worth 1 ¼ adequate movers. See my last complaint on the complaintsboard website for details. I probably could have hired relatives and friends for half their fee for the same result. Therefore I expect a refund.
You can find them on Craigslist / Chicago main page by clicking on the “Services” heading. Then search 2-3 words at the same time like “pad” “wrap” “honest” “reliable” or “moving”. Also search some of their most recent names mentioned above. Now their headings and text of most of their ads appears in all caps. The content and style of their ads changed over time possibly to hide their reputation. I found that many of the company names they use are similar to existing or out-of-business moving companies in directories online, maybe with the intent to try to acquire an instant good reputation.

Along with the change to the third phone number, on Craigslist the company quit putting their phone number in the “reply” box in the upper left, and only put their phone number in the ad body-under a button which must be clicked to see it. One consequence of this is that Craiglist administrators might have a harder time finding, or at least tracking them. Another consequence might be that former customers will have a harder time searching the internet and/or Craigslist for them. Again here is the movers’ most recent phone number so you can at least verify you found the right company: [protected] .

I estimate most Craigslist deals turn out well. This company still has not called, messaged, or emailed me to refund. Maybe I will raise this to 1 or more different complaints like a formal with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, or a civil court action.
I think most companies have the ability to correct past bad deals. As a customer on Complaintsboard one has the ability to revise a posted complaint. One even has the ability to mark a complaint as “resolved”.
I invite anyone to comment on my complaint or send me messages through the Complaintsboard link with comments or questions. Thanks.

Apr 11, 2015

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