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1 AZ, United States

A & F Tour Travel Co., Ltd. out of Thailand worked up a tour of several places in Thailand that we had not visited yet.

This was a private tour and if I were to evaluate just the tour itself; the tour was as expected and very good, the tour guide went by our tour schedule and followed it to the letter. The tour guides we had were among the best. They spoke very good English and are very knowledgeable of every area we toured. We had the luxury getting around in a brand new private van with drivers. We were very satisfied with the tour guides and the drivers.

That being said, A & F Tour Travel Co., Ltd. we did have some issues with the hotel rooms and flight reservations.

I specifically asked A & F Tour Travel Co., Ltd. to book the next level up from the basic room. We wanted good rooms. We stayed in the Imperial Maeping Hotel in Chiang Mai we were told we were in a Superior Rooms which sounds like a good room.

Problem 1: This is not be a problem caused by A & F Tour Travel Co., Ltd. The room itself was very nice but the bathroom is another issue. It had cracked tiles and some signs of mold which I have allergies too. It was not real bad and I did submit a compliant to the Hotel. Since we were not spending much time in the room except for showering and sleeping we did not make a big deal of it.

Hotels and rooms in Pattaya and Bangkok were exceptional, very very nice and clean, but I paid for that with my request to upgrade.

Problem 2 which was caused by A & F Tour Travel Co., Ltd.
A & F Tour Travel Co., Ltd. convinced me to let them make the flight arrangements. Well they really botched this up. They made 2 flight reservations and we had baggage problems with both of them. 1St mistake is they used AirAsia, big problem.

1st Flight A & F Tour Travel Co., Ltd. failed to prepay bags. Apparently every bag must be prepaid. If you don’t when you check in the charge you for there smallest size bag and then figure out how much over weight your bags are and charge you over weight fees. We tried to pay for the 25 kilo bag which would have put our bags under weight. They would not allow that because they have their scam policy in place. They allow you to pay for the 15 kilo bag fee then charge you for any kilo’s over that. We paid $60 for 4 bags at 15 Kilo. We were 24 kilo over weight due to the Scam policy. At 350 bath per kilo we paid $270 for over weight charges. Had A & F Tour Travel Co., Ltd. prepaid and at least warned us we could have avoided this.

2nd flight, A & F Tour Travel Co., Ltd. did prepay at 20 kilo per bag so we still got hit with over weight charges at about $80. Again they would not let us by the bag size upgrade which would be cheaper.

I am still trying to get a refund from A & F Tour Travel Co., Ltd. because the approved tour package indicated that the flights and all fees were covered.

My bad for trusting them.

Recommendations: A & F Tour Travel Co., Ltd. if you use them they will provide a good tour package but ask for room upgrade (you will pay for this) and make your own flight reservations and use Thai AirWays which we have done several time without any issues. This was our first experience with AirAisa so I would avoid using them.

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