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A Eastern Connection, Co. Inc. / Sham and fraudulent company

1 255 Bayville Ave.Bayville, NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: (800)790-7480

I contracted with this company to have my car shipped from NY to Chicago and was told it would probably take several days but no more than a week. After a week and no calls, I contacted them and they put me in touch with "the carrier". Apparently, A EASTERN CONNECTION doesn't actually ship your car, they are a broker and place the order with the lowest bidder. I spoke with the carrier and it turns out they passed the buck down to the driver. After many, many unreturned calls and weeks later, I finally reached them and they said my car was in a lot 31 miles away from the contracted destination. I needed my car so I agreed to pick it up myself. I was then told they lost the keys and shipped them to California by mistake. I called A EASTERN CONNECTION again and I was angry and asked to speak to an operations manager. I was connected with someone named John. I told him I wanted them to help me resolve this and since I paid them, I said I didn't think they should just say it's the responsibility of the carrier. I threatened to tell other people about their customer service and then I was stunned when John hung up on me. Seriously, I've never had any business ever do that. Again, no returned calls for days from the carrier and I'm a month into it. I'm filing this complaint and then my next move is to call the police because I think I have a pretty good case that my car can be considered stolen at this point. In reviewing A EASTERN CONNECTIONS web site for this complaint, I noticed they said they're a member of the "Fair Business Association of America" and I could click on the link to verify. Well, the link didn't work and when I did a Google search on that organization, it pretty clearly indicates it's a sham and fraudulent. Now I feel like a victim and a sucker and I don't want anyone else to fall victim to these shucksters.


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  • Ms
      11th of Mar, 2008
    +2 Votes

    "John" is probably actually Greg Scalfini (spelling) and this is a COMMON practice for this company. Normally he doesnt just hang up on people though. He usually cusses them out and threatens them... he must have been having a good day to only hang up on you.

    For years they worked under the name of Auto Trail but if you look up the complaints on them, you will see why they HAD to change their name.

  • A1
      29th of May, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Their real names are Greg Sclafani (sklah-FAH-nee). His wife is Marguerite (mah-gah-REET) Cermola (sur-MOH-lah).

    See link:

  • Am
      2nd of Oct, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I paid them to transport my car. They never picked up the car. they did not give my money back either. anytime I call they Hang up on me.
    Do not give them money. They are thieves.

  • Yo
      10th of Oct, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I paid them to transport 2 vehicles. Filed a complaint with my bank, got transaction reversed and now they are continuing to try to charge me again for a service that was never provided. Excuse after excuse as to why they couldn't tell me where the truck was, then 2 weeks later, finally a call to pick up 3 days later. By that time my Marine Corps hubby had to report to work cross country. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE, THEY ARE THIEVES AND WILL LIE TO YOU ABOUT EVERYTHING EXCEPT THE FACT THAT THEY WILL BE GLAD TO TAKE YOUR MONEY.

  • Mu
      13th of Nov, 2008
    +2 Votes

    Ohhh my God, I had simillar situation. I contracted with them to take my car from California to Texas on August 25th. They never showed up. Every time I call they hang up on me. I paid them $750 up front. After two weeks I was able to get a hold of some one called Wayne the dispatcher and I told him to cancel the order and refund my money since I've already moved my car. He told me that they already scheduled the pick up the following week (ya right..) and if I need to cancel, I have to pay the $250 administration fees per Item 10 of the proposed contract. I agreed to pay the $250 and get pack the $500 (better than nothing). Since then, I was not able to talk to any body there. Every time either they hang up on me or they tell me to call the refund department. Therefore I always call the same number and ask for the refund department personnel (her name is Margeritt). All the time she is at lunch or not there. I was able to talk to her twice and every time she takes my invoice number and promiss to call me back, but she never did.
    The ironey about that is they only take checks or money order. I should have known that this is a fraudulent company. If they take credit card I would have disputed the charge but they got me with direct withdrawal from my bank. I wounder if I can dispute the charge through the bank??
    Up untill today I was thinking to keep calling them, but it seems that I have to do something else. I will take them to a small court and I'll take these tetimonies as evedince.
    I feel so stupid now, and I don't believe that thse things happens in America.

  • Ne
      26th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    This company uses the name A-Blue knight Auto carrier Inc. as well as A Eastern Connection and Autotrail (more I'm sure I haven't found yet). I am dealing with them now over a measley $650.00 payment they have denied me for almost a month.

  • Ms
      18th of Dec, 2013
    0 Votes

    It is scary how many years they have gotten away with this!
    I have lost track of how names they have gone under to this point.
    V&C Warehouse, Autotrail, An Eastern Connection, A Blue Knight, and now claiming to be located in NJ, NC under Great Logistics LLC & It's All Logistics LLC

    They started out in Long Island NY and after DECADES of this behavior they got a slap on the wrist from Cuomo with a whopping $175, 000 order of restitution. They also filed for Bankruptcy protection. Not bad for all their fancy cars, trips to Disney and Cruises huh?

    Please note that many of their past clients are senior citizens and Greg would threaten all sorts of bodily harm over the phone if any of these clients complained. (www,

    How do I know this and so much more? I have worked in the auto transport industry for about 20 years on the TRUCKING side and dealt with them for years. I worked for one company that built a large chunk of its business taking care of the transport needs of the people Greg screwed and I have heard him on the phone screaming at widows, veterans, young mothers, etc... as he stole their money.

    PLEASE, stop trying to save a buck on car transport. You wanna save money? Buy generic at the grocers, booking with these lowball priced brokers just costs you more i the long run, it really does.

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