A Driver Irresponsiblegrab car services

A driver accepted my business, 6 minutes to wait as shown in app. The car just opposite my place as shown in app too.
1. The driver didn't move his car for few Minutes, i did ask him in msg, he didn't reply.
2. After few minutes later, i only saw his car move but weird that he move out of my area forward to other place as i saw from the map. (As I'm very clear about my working area and place)
3. Few seconds later he msg me with "you can cancel me"
4. In this matter, i direct reply him "ok" as I'm very urgent to go workshop to collect my car.

Overall i wasting in waiting this driver almost 10minutes! Besides he can cancel me, but he ask me cancel him as I'm urgent to go somewhere!

1st book the driver Cancel me.
2nd book the driver irresponsible and ask me cancel!
3rd book only i got the driver who can route me.
All i took 15 minutes only done my book n route!

A Driver Irresponsible

Jun 07, 2018

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