A. Coffmanbirth control pills

A Nov 14, 2017

I get my birth control filled using Express Scripts insurance provided by my husbands company. I have been receiving my pills regularly since 2009 except for a stretch of time in 2015 when I was pregnant with my daughter. I never had issues getting my medication until after my daughter was born in September of 2015. Since then I have been having issued getting it fill in a timely matter. The pharmacy where I fill it at says it is a time issue on the insurance end and the insurance says its an issue with the pharmacy and this is the same back and forth I get every time I call to fix the issue. I am due to start a new prescription this Sunday 11/19/2017. According to Express Scripts I have filled my Rx too many times since July of this year and they are refusing to fill my prescription till the beginning of 2018. They say according to their calculations I should have enough. It is 11/14/2017 there are 48 days till the start of the New Year. I am supposed to start a new a pack this Sunday 11/19/2017 and take 4 weeks of pills and start another pack on 12/17/2017. That is at least 2 more scripts I will need before 2018. I am being denied my medication!!! I have been fighting this battle for 2 years. They refuse to fill my script until it is 100% done. This means I have to go 2-3 days without pills until my script is filled. I find this to be unacceptable. I would like to fill my script a few days before I am out so I don't go for days without taking my medication. I thought that with the new medical laws that to deny a woman her right to birth control was no longer allowed. That is what Express scripts is doing to me. It has caused myself and my family large amounts of stress as my family all works in the medical profession and have tried to help and have received the same song and dance. Being without pills in-between prescriptions is affecting with my mood and therefore my metal stability and has started to affect my relationship with my husband. I want them to fill my script when I request it. I don't feel that is unreasonable. It's not like I'm asking for narcotics I'm asking for my birth control pills. I have contacted the BBB in regards to this issue as well as my state senators, state representative and Governor.

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