1 South Africa

I contacted the company to fix my borehole. I also made arrangements with the owner at the time to pay within 7 days, as I was claiming from the insurance for the breakage.
Hayley then agreed. Michael came out (after being late) and “fixed” the borehole. This then worked for 1 hour and then didn’t work after that.
We then contacted them and were rudely scolded out as to why we didn’t pay the electrician. Then I advised that I have made arrangement with Hayley (who I was now speaking to). She advised she did not remember the conversation and once I have told her she told me we can pay after 7 days she vaguely remembered.
I told her maybe she must write promises made to clients if she cannot remember and I was told “to not tell her how to do her job”.
I asked to speak to the manager or owner and she advise me she was the owner. If you treat customers like this then I don’t know how successful this business is.
Nobody has since called me about fixing the borehole as yet and we also followed up twice and to no avail and we eventually had to get another electrician. This person fixed it within 1 hour at half the cost.
The company is now insisting I pay for the service rendered, however the borehole was not fixed by them. I refuse to pay as they did not fix the borehole to my satisfaction.

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