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A Best Transmission / Bait and switch fraud

1 United States

The positive reviews out there are written by the employees. Liz Perez the owner, is as dishonest as they come. Roland, the puppet employee, is not much better. When I first contacted the company, I was told "We are an honest company. I'll tow your car for free and run a diagnostic no charge. We won't charge you for things you do not need, so that it can be done at the lowest price possible. We won't do any work to it that you do not authorize." However, once the vehicle was brought to their shop, the nightmare began. After they removed the transmission from my vehicle, they claimed my vehicle had a drum that did not match and that was the cause of my problems. I was told the previous transmission work was defective and that they were surprised it lasted this long. (This was not the case as a mismatched drum would make the transmission inoperable.) After asking if they would put this statement in writing, that when the true nature of the employees appeared. The dishonest owner Elizabeth aka Liz called me and said it was hard to determine what caused the problems and that it was likely a pump. I advised her that I did not have the 2313 dollars to do the repairs they suggested and that I needed to pick up the vehicle, but to leave the transmission out of the vehicle so that I could inspect it for the alleged problems they claimed caused it to go out. She said not a problem and that I would be responsible for the inspection. She also said she would come down on the price now that I was leaving (if they were so honest, why couldn't they give a fair price in the first place). I then faxed over a letter stating to advise me of the inspection costs so that I could get my vehicle, which they never faxed.
I then had an excellent female attorney call the shop and ask what the costs would be. She spoke to Roland who claimed the transmission was already put back into my vehicle and that it would be $389.00. He then demanded that this money be paid in cash and that they would not accept credit card. Note that they claim to take credit cards on their website, which is false advertising. My attorney also asked that they fax over the company policies showing they take cash only and that they were required to put the trans back into the vehicle, contrary to what Liz had stated. Guess, who faxed nothing over? At this point the senior partner had to step in and call. He was told by Liz that she would release the vehicle to me with the trans in a box and discount the price by $89.00 (as it was not placed back in the car as Roland had stated) and that she would allow a credit card payment. I then left work and headed to get my vehicle with a tow truck.
Once arriving at the shop, the nightmare continued. Liz refused to release the vehicle to me, claiming she had only told the senior partner that I could take pictures, nothing else (another lie from a person who apparently can't tell the truth. We should take the high road and pray for her soul. She clearly has issues beyond anything I can write here). I had to call the senior partner and she refused to take his call unless he called the landline, which he gladly did. At that point she again refused to take anything except cash. In 5:00 traffic, I had to drive around and get cash. When I returned to the shop her secretary magically pulled a release form out so that I could take the vehicle with the transmission out. As I signed the form, she stood next to me, ranting on and on about how I was a bad customer, just a secretary, and she could do anything she wanted as a business owner. The DTPA was to created to protect consumers, so no she could not do anything she pleased. Anyone would be upset with the never ending lies and run around I received from this company. In the mean time, she had put the transmission into the back seat of my vehicle. I opened up my vehicle and took pics. Liz, finding it amusing, came outside, circled around me taking pictures, trying to provoke me as I waited for the vehicle to be loaded onto the truck. Steer clear from here!


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