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A-1 Towing / Racial threats

1 Hyway 278 eastMonticello, AR, United States Review updated:

RE: Racial Discrimination & Threatened with a Firearm by Local Merchant

Please find below the letter that I have written to the Monticello newspaper, 7 on your side, NAACP Corporate Headquarters, and the U-Haul Corporate Headquarters.

This letter contains vulgar language and is written as it was stated. I am asking that you please edit and let the community know what is going on.


I am an African-American, taxpaying, and law abiding, female of Redfield, Arkansas. My native town is Warren, Arkansas.

I am writing to inform you of what happened to me Friday, Sept 5th in Monticello, Arkansas. I am totally appalled at the treatment that I received. I knew there were some "undertone" racial issues in our society, but not of this magnitude.

My occupation is that of a Registered Nurse. I have always been a positive influence in my community. As a Christian mother and wife, I have never had any type of confrontation of this type.

I am taking the necessary steps to lawfully seek justice for the acts of discrimination and endangerment to my life. Some actions include: making a formal complaint at the Monticello police department, contacting the Monticello newspaper, the National U-Haul company, 7 on your side, and to the NAACP. I would like for the citizens of Monticello to know the type of individuals they are supporting within their community. Hopefully any others that have received this same type of treatment will come forth.

Racial Discrimination and Gun used to endanger my life.

Today I filed a police report against Triple A Towing, U-Haul and Pawn Shop business on Highway 278 East located in Monticello, Arkansas. I was attempting to return a U-Haul at the location mentioned above. I gave the keys and paperwork to a young woman (light haired) behind the counter. As I was addressing this young woman, I was rudely told (by a dark haired young lady) to go and park the truck in a muddy field.

I questioned having to move the truck to a muddy field because I had on flip flops and would get my feet muddy. I was then rudely addressed by this dark haired young woman. She told me that she really didn't care that I had on flip flops and it was my responsibility to park the truck where she told me to park it. She stated that she would be more concerned about her truck getting stuck than my feet getting muddy. I exited the building prompted by the light haired young woman. She asked me to follow her to get the gas and mileage check done. As we were doing this, I calmly stated to the light haired woman that I was really surprised that the other woman was so rude to me.

Immediately, a strange Caucasian bearded man (who did not identify himself to me) got in my face and starting yelling obscenities at me. He was so close to my face that he was spitting directly on me as he spoke. As he yelled, I noticed that he had a cigarette and a cell phone in his hand. He initially asked me "Is there a problem?" I was so stunned, I stated, "Excuse me"? He repeated his question and I responded, "No there is no problem, I was speaking to this young lady." He told me, "well shut the [censored] up mouthing." I stated, "Sir, I just parked this truck here and I am trying to get my receipt for returning it." He stated you are NOT going to park here, you are going to move that damn truck over to the field like you were told to do." Before I could answer, the light haired woman stated, "it's ok; I was told it was ok for her to leave it here, "

He then looked at me and stated, "I am so tired of you ###s always mouthing off about something-- you can just kiss my A*S- I will kick youre A*S, you black monkey looking ###." He then walked away and sat down outside. After basically ignoring this man (that I didn't know) I re-entered the building, asked the light haired lady, "who was that man, was he the owner?" She informed me that the dark haired young lady was the owner and the man was her father. I commented that he was very rude to me using profanity, racial slurs and threatening me. I then stated, He must be crazy. I stated that I have a 6 foot 2 military husband that would not just stand by and let this man harm me-- and he would return to him what he threatened to do to me.

Suddenly, the owner (dark haired woman) started screaming obscenities at me and told me to "get the [censored] out of her store." She stated that her dad has cancer and she would not allow me to talk about him. I then stated, maam may I just get my receipt to show clearance of returning the truck�. She refused with obscenities. She said, "NO, you are not getting a damn thing, now get the [censored] out and off my property and I am not playing." I was standing there with absolutely nothing in my hands somewhat bewildered, when she reached beneath the counter and pulled up a gun and said get out! A young man ran over to the counter where she was and said "what are you doing, don't do that." I immediately left the business and went to the police station and made a formal complaint.

I am 50 years old; I have been a Registered Nurse for 15 years and a LPN for 11 years totaling 26 years. I have given my life to care for patients of all nationalities, ages, gender and races. I have never been treated with such disregard, nor have I ever treated anyone in this way. I would just like for the community of Monticello to know what type of people they are supporting within this business in their community. I do wonder if I am the only African American that has been addressed this way at this business. After leaving the police station I traveled back home to Redfield. I took the time to counsel with my Pastor and his wife about the day's incident. I was very bewildered as to why I was treated this way. I never raised my voice and I was not irate. It amazed me that the dark haired lady and the man (her father) treated me this way, not knowing if I was a judge, a lawyer, or police officer. Obviously, they really didnt care.

I truly feel that the color of my skin was the major factor in their statements and actions toward me. Additionally, I don't understand why this woman felt she needed to pull a gun when I had showed no treat, verbally or physically. I am the mother of 4 children and I would be devastated to know that either of my children spoke to a person the way in which she spoke to me; especially an elderly person. (I am old enough to be this woman's mother). I would not treat a stray dog the way they treated me.

I feel that behavior such as this should not be condoned or tolerated in the United States of America. I pray that the court system will see this and yield the proper punishment for this behavior.

I do, however, want the woman and her father to know that in my Christian faith, I see no color. As a Registered nurse, if I were placed in a situation to receive either of them as patients, I would still take care of them- giving my best care, because I am a lover of people and a lover of God.

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      26th of Sep, 2008
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    Wow~I am sorry you were treated that way and I find it hard to believe that nothing was done by the police dept if this woman pulled out a gun on you! Shame on them for acting this way-hopefully others will take note of your complaint and shut this company down!!

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