91 Express Lanes / Unauthorized charges

On April 7, 2007 I used the 91 Express Lanes without an account. Two weeks later I received a fine for $20.00 which I paid, since I was guilty. Now, two weeks ago I received a notice from a collection agency telling me I owed $40.00 for a fine in April of 2007 that I didn't pay. My wife called 91 Express Lanes and was told to pay the fine or they would report us to the credit agencies. They also claimed they had been trying to get a hold of us for a year and a half. That's funny, I receive correspondence from 91 Express Lanes via email and postal delivery on a regular basis. I have since emailed them to ask what the problem is, but reading other accounts on this web site, I expect no response. Do not use 91 Express Lanes. They are pulling scams on people and I will be canceling my account.


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