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86th street photo / bait and switch

1 unknown, New York, NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 347-289-8971

Do not trust this company with your credit card! I've been waiting over 2 months for a panasonic lumix dmctz5 to be in stock, they have stated that it would be in stock 2-3 weeks repeatedly, well today I call and was hung up on 3 times and put on hold for over 20 minutes waiting for a manager to speak to me — when he did answer he put me on hold to check availability of the camera, needless to say he transfered me to another rude person who told me that the camera has always been in stock but sells for 288.00. The item is listed on their website as 175.00, and it shows all factory items included along with it! I ask him why is it that I can get the camera today for over 100.00 dollars more than advertised and he told me that the 175.00 dollar camera didnt include anything, not even the 1 yr warrantee! This is contrary to what I was told last month when techon digital pulled the same crap, I called 86th street photo and they assured me that techon was a scam company and 86th was a legit company, I asked them last month if all was included for the 175.00 price and they said yes! — all these people want you to do is enter your card # online so that your money gets tied up to the point where you would rather pay the extra to get what you should have gotten to begin with!-bait and switch! — they didnt get me because ive been down this road before, if you find something online, call up the place and order it over the phone — at least its safer that way — needless to say 86th photo and video is a scam company, if you were foolish enough to pay the 288.00 dollars and wanted to return it for whatever, id be willing to bet you get screwed!

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  • Sh
      5th of Nov, 2008

    How to guide to come out a winner against 86th Street Photo & Video:
    1. Order the item you want.
    2. they will never actually send it unless you buy the ridiculously overpriced batteries and/or memory cards. SO, go ahead and buy one of these with the camera you want. Document that they state they have a 14-day no question asked return policy.
    3. Get your camera + overpriced accessory.
    4. Attempt to return the accessory and keep the camera.
    5. They will refuse to accept this return.
    6. Make a complaint with your credit card company and dispute the full charge. State that they refused to honor there stated return policy.

    final result: keep the camera and your money and punih

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  • Ir
      18th of Dec, 2008
    86th street photo - Customer Service
    86th Street Photo
    United States

    After searching on-line for a good price for a Canon PowerShot sd1100, I found the 86th Street Photo Web Site. I wanted to talk with a "real" person and was put through to some one in the "Digital Photo" Department. I didn't catch his name, as he mumbled, but when I tried to ask him a series of questions, out of the blue he became beligerent, extremely rude, talked "over" me and basically hung up on me. I called back and asked to talk to a manager in "customer service". After being on hold forever, I again was put through to "a manager". After I complained about being treated so rudely, he then informed me that "that Camera is not available" "It's out of stock, so we won't take any orders for it". Then he also promptly hung up on me. After that experience, 86th Street Photo would NOT have gotten ANY business from me no matter what the price was for the item I was looking for. If this business is indeed on 86th Street in New York, they can stuff their "East Coast" attitudes. I'll be buying from e-bay or Seems as though I'm not the only person who has dealt with the ignorance of the folks who "work" for 86th Street photo. If they are indeed misleading people and basically committing fraud, I hope they all "go down" for it. With their attitudes, to me "what goes around, comes around". Thanks for listening.

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  • Ol
      13th of Jan, 2009

    86th street photo is a nightmare! I placed my order online for a digital camera, then got a call the next day because they wanted to up-sell me to a different camera or more accessories. In the mean time when they delayed my order, the product went out of stock... but they didn't tell me this, I had to call them to get this information that my Christmas gift would not arrive for Christmas... but is on backorder for 5 weeks. This is just the start.

    I waited 5 minutes to get a representative, Bobby, who was rude and short with me... I advised him that I didn't want to cancel my order, but wanted to know why it was thier policy to delay my order to up-sell me... he immediatly told me that this was a call for customer service and transfered me right away without me being able to object. The wait for customer service was then 45 minutes. In the mean time I got an email saying that my order was canceled! I got to customer services and got the same experience, but this time asked to speak with a supervisor... there was 'no supervisor' available, but Becky would re-instate my order and have a supervisor call me within the hour. I am still waiting for the call after 4 weeks.

    I gave them another call today to see the status of the order, and once again I got the Rudest, horrible New Yorker... They DO NOT make decent customer service reps and should never be able to be on the phone. At any rate, my order is delayed for another 4 weeks... then he hung up on me.[

    I HATE THIS COMPANY AND I WOULD AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS! There is nobody to speak to that can get anything done.

    I would pay the $50 more for a better company...

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  • Be
      29th of Jan, 2010
    86th street photo - Credit Card Fraud
    AKA Wisetronics, My Wireless Deal
    2845 86th St Gravesend
    New York
    United States

    I recently had an attack on my credit card. Several unauthorized charges were made on my card number. Due to the email address, card number and telephone number used it could only be tracked to one company. I attempted to purchase a camera from them 14 months ago and discovered after placing the order that they were a fraud and had no hope of supplying the product. I cancelled the order. Now 14 months later I suddenly had to cancel my credit card due to a fraud credit card attack.
    The company deals under several names such as 86th Street Video, Camera Giants, My Wireless Deal and Y.E.S. International.

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