86 street phot videowost company ever

I ordered a camera through them online about two weeks before christmas. I had it to be shipped in three to five business days. I recieved a call two days before christmas from 86 Photo video and spoke with someone named James. He was trying to get me to buy a lithium battery for the camera I ordered tell me that AA batteries would leak in the camera and ruin it. I refused the battery and other things that he was trying to sell me and he said that this is obviously out of my price range and that if I wanted a five dollar camera than I should go to my local store and get one. Then James told me that he was canceling my order and charging me 15%. Around $75. Then he just hung up on me. I couldn't believe what just happened. I called back and spoke to someone else and they told me that they were just going to cancel my order because the camera comes with the batteries and other stuff as a package. WHICH IS NOT WHAT WAS ON THE WEBSITE!!! I asked him what about the cancelation fee and he said there was none, that JAMES was only kidding. I couldn't believe what was going on! So now I was without my main gift for my wife a day before christmas!!! THIS COMPANY IS A JOKE! DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM!!!

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