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(800) 383-7433 / Cannot contact or use their wesite anymore

1 United States

I ordered from this "company" a little over 2 months ago and I did receive my items. I then looked at my credit card statement and noticed that there were 2 charges instead of one, so I disputed it, only for the sole purpose that I made one order from this company and not 2. I then received an email from this pharmacy company stating that they are taking me to the Feds because I did a chargeback to them without contacting them first. I am very scared that I will be in very big trouble because in their confirmation email it says that there are absolutely no "chargebacks" or I will be prosecuted. I don't know what to do. I have tried calling the 2 phone numbers on a previous email from them and I cannot get a hold of anyone. I did however leave a message and I also sent about 6 emails to them stating that I was sorry and that it doesn't need to go as far as taking me to the Feds. They have not contacted me back, and I can no longer get on to their website for some reason. If anyone has any suggestions I am "all ears". I am pretty scared that the Feds will show up at my door soon. If I would have known this was going to happen I would have never ordered from them. Thanks!

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