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7 elven / Rude manger

1 705 DON MILLS RDToronto, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

I went to the 711 with my girlfriend to buy bus ticket and we were waiting on the i decided to check out the magazine on the shelf.i looked through it and i kind of liked it so i was thinking about buying it, and the manger suddenly comes and says this is not a library, put the book back.I said no Mame i am thinking about buying it she said no Ur not put it back.I said i am gone buy it .she took the book from my hand and handed over to the cashier and said this boy wants to buy the book let him pay.i said this is not right what your doing.she like yes it is i know ur not going to buy it so why you even hear.I said "whats wrong with this [censored] lady.she said leave the store.I said no i am going to by the book .she said leave or i am calling the cops i said please do.she took her phone out and she like oh there is a boy trespassing please send a cruiser over.i said okay.i am a police foundation student .i know what my right is so i am not gone let no one step all over me like i said i ll wait till the cops arrive.the manger suddenly tells the cashier don't serve this boy or his girlfriend anything.I'm like okay u don't want to serve me but why not my girlfriend she didn't do nothing she was standing there doing nothing.the manger of that place was really rude i waited over 45 minutes at 7 11 no police nothing came, so i asked her did u even really call the cop she like yes i did don't be a chicken and run away.i said okay i wont.i waited another 10 minutes no one showed up so i choice to leave because i had work at i left the place.i looked through the 711 site to see if i can complaint on that person but i couldn't find the proper number or email address to call them or mail them.

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    Dude let me put it this way, when you are asked to leave you leave. The way you were acting could be classified as causing a disturbance. Surely a police foundation student such as yourself knows that. I admit that the workers can be rude. I had a worker at the Finch and Young station grab my arm when I was searching for Pepsi. Apparently the man working there does not think the law applies to him as he has ono right touching another person. (This was a time when Pepsi had a Star Wars promotion with Star Wars graphics on the cans. I am not the only one that had problems with them. Tons of people complain. They can be ###s and idiots but that does not mean you should stoop to their level even if there was something wrong with that "[censored]" lady.

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    BTW if the police came you would be in trouble. It is their property and if they ask you to leave you leave. Even if they don't have a good reason to ask you to leave. Once they ask you to leave you leave. As idiotic as she was behaving you were not behaving yourself either.

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