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I am a single mother of 5, my children were just returned to my by DCS. I'm also on Section 8 housing. I worked very hard for 16 months to be reunited with my children. I met with a rental agency, 66th Street Apartments LLC. I explained my entire situation to them; that DCS would being paying the security deposit but since the payment would take 3 weeks to process my mother came up with the money and they claimed to refund the monies to her. They also agreed to pay my section 8 housing, which takes time before the payments start rolling in. Because I was still under lease at a one bedroom my mother again paid my August rent so my family had suitable housing. The management company to this day has not submitted the Section 8 lease, therefore the process hasn't tarted. So section 8 didn't pick up the rent, the people harassed me for payment saying that they give me the money once section 8 paid. If I had the money I wouldn't be on section 8.. I had 2 agencies contact them to try to make payment and they weren't willing to work with them and filed an eviction notice after they were promised payment. I could never get any information from they to speak to an owner or supervisor. We always had to meet in parking lots to do paperwork. They would even return my calls to resolve this matter. The eviction will cause me to be kicked off Section 8. They knew the entire circumstance from our first meeting and agreed to rent the home to me only to turn around and evict me. My children and I are homeless due to no fault of my own. The gentleman who I was working with said he was only an employee who gets the property ready is in fact the owner. I have pieced together that this goes on a lot at that property. I rented it 3 days after the last people left, all there belongings were on the curb so I only assume they were also evicted by this company. This company preys on people like me only to make money by evicting you, keeping your security deposit and charging outrages fees through the eviction process. They asked for over 3, 000 to stay, then they said they would settle for 2180 and 4 hours later it was 2400 and they don't want to accept my section 8. I feel they scammed me and I've talked to the neighbors and no one lasts long there. I'm homeless with 5 kids and now have to leave Arizona, my family and move myself back to New York without my section 8. I had built a life here for me and my children because a company that agreed to work with me didn't do there part and were unwilling to even work with me. They destroyed my life.

I, ve also researched this company and they have done this to other women.

There is so much more to this story if you would contact

Sep 15, 2017

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