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6505 Airport Boulevard / Worst manager ever

1 Austin, TX, United States Review updated:

I was contacted by Municipal Services Bureau (MSB) about a traffic ticket that I had plead not guilty to.

I had contacted the court on several occasions and was told not to worry and that I should wait for the notice since the court date had not been scheduled yet, but that did not stop Municipal Services Bureau from attempting to collect.

I was threatened to pay or go to jail. So I paid but continued with my defense and went to court where the charges were dismissed.

The judge ordered to return of all my money and eventually, The City of Austin did refund the money all but MSB's portion.

I have been calling Municipal Services Bureau repeatedly, leaving multiple messages with agents, supervisors and managers, but not one call has been returned, nor has the money been returned.

I was promised by the evening shift supervisor, the manager, Scott M. would call me back the following day, still no call.

I have been told by Municipal Services Bureau supervisors, that "MSB" does not verify any information sent to them, they take no responsibility for incorrect information.

There are serious implications to their lack of common sense and due diligence.

Some folks can lose their jobs or not be considered for a job, loans, order utilities, open bank accounts, buy auto or home insurance and many other other goods and services because of bad credit reports that "MSB" may file with invalid information.

In my case, I was found innocent and now, Municipal Services Bureau agents and managers are telling me more lies to get out of returning ill-gotten money from an honest hard working person.

I feel the all State Legislatures should, because of the devastating long term reprocussions, create a law that requires all firms that can and do report alledged debtors to credit reporting agencies to verify the information submitted to them for collection is accurate.

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  • Sp
      22nd of Jan, 2009
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    if you paid with a credit card, call your credit card company and have them cancel the payment, explain this was fraud and they'll credit your credit card back. I'm having the same problem with this scam company. it's bs

  • Na
      19th of Aug, 2009
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    MSB is a horrible company. I haven't heard of anyone that had a good experience with them. Granted they collect fees, but they have some shady practices. I had to pay a $3.40 toll bill that became a $30 bill because they don't consider the date they receive payment (post mark) but instead consider the date they process the check. I felt cheated, because I cannot control when they get around to processing my check. They said it takes about 10 days. Completely irresponsible and unethical. Just do a search on the Internet, and it becomes obvious this company is dubious. I don't know how they maintain a A+ rating with the BBB or why the State of Texas continues to do business with them. Someone should investigate them.

  • Me
      17th of Apr, 2018
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    These postings are from a long time ago, but I was searching online for MSB complaints and stumbled onto this board.

    I moved out of Texas in 2003 and didn't realize I had unpaid tickets in Dallas. They were for minor offenses like rolling through a stop (next to my house at 3am), no proof of insurance (I didn't have the card in the car) and for speeding... minor offenses. Honestly I guess I forget about the original tickets once I moved away. I never received any notifications, probably because I moved addresses.

    15 years later I received a debt collection letter from MSB for $150. I called them up and after talking with them, they said I had multiple unpaid tickets that totaled $785! I asked how that was even possible and apparently Texas enacted a law or requirement that every year a certain percentage is tacked on to the amount owed, so the amount owed will keep increasing. I have plans to eventually move back to Texas to be close to my family, so I decided to pay the fees. I asked the woman on the phone if I had paid everything in full and she said yes.

    So almost a year goes by and I get another letter in the mail from MSB. This time it is a bill for $195. I think WTF??? I call them up and say this must be a mistake, then the woman I talked to informed me that there are other citations and that I owe $800!!! I tell her that I already paid these fees and have the bank statement to prove that MSB took the funds from my account. She says that she doesn't have any record of this. We went back and forth several times and finally I end up with another phone number to call. I called this number and the woman I talked to said that I had paid in FULL and that I do NOT owe anything. I ask why the people from the other phone number say I owe money and she said they are a different organization and they don't have any insight into them. I also asked if I could get a statement that the amount was paid in full and she informs me that they don't do that, which sounds bogus to me. So now I am confused and frustrated. I called the first number back and the woman I talked to again said I owe them the money. I said I am getting a lawyer and the woman makes a note that I am contesting payment.

    The lawyer I got has now scheduled a court date. Her approach is to get the tickets dismissed, so I don't owe any money. Since they are over 10 years old, I most likely shouldn't have to pay anything. I guess had I thought about this beforehand, I wouldn't have had to the pay the $785 at all!

    Today I decided to call MSB again, but this time I called the Austin office. I got a completely new story on what I owe... Get this - the records she had said I did make partial payments on these tickets, but in years when I wasn't even aware I owed anything! AND they are for really odd amounts, like $78 and $110. I said to her why would I pay these odd amounts? Why not round numbers like a normal person would pay? Plus the amounts that her system has does not equal $785. Doesn't this seem fishy? She said that she couldn't do anything for me and to call Dallas. This doesn't sound legal to me. I checked the BBB website and I couldn't find any complaints on MSB. What recourse do I have?

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